Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Knotty or Knice?

My BFF gave me these socks for my birthday. I LOVE them! She bought the yarn at the MD sheep & wool festival this past May. The yarn is Socks that Rock in Watermelon Tourmaline. She knew that I've been wanting this color for a long time. The pattern is a Cookie A pattern.
I enjoy receiving hand knit gifts. I appreciate it so much.
They're perfect!

That wasn't the end of the surprises. She also knew I have been wanting Gingerbread House from Knitpicks. Everytime I would try to order it, it was on backorder. This yarn is so-o-o-o soft. I pet it everytime I walk near it in the basket. She made pattern keeper sets for me and she bought me a Knit Night Light so I can knit in the dark.
Thank you BFF you know me better than anyone.

I called my BFF yesterday in a panic. She was calm as a cucumber about the whole "finish gift thing." I am sweating it over here. I have no idea how she can be so calm. I know we made this "finish the gifts in time" vow last year but I have no idea where the time went. I also have no idea how she can be so calm.
Now before you think I haven't finished anything. Take a look. Knotty or Knice gloves.
This picture didn't do true justice to the color. After 15 pictures I gave up and settled on this one. It is a purple/blue/green mix and they are perfect for the person in mind.
I loved making these. They were quick and the pattern is very well written.

I was on the search for a project when I happened to come across these on the needles. (so that's where my extra set of size 4 dpns were stashed) I started them sometime back in Jan 2007. I put them away and I only had one thumb to finish. I'm still trying to figure out why I did that little stunt. Is my mind slipping? Don't answer I have no idea what pattern I used for these and since I only had the thumb to finish I didn't even look for it.
I finished the thumb and stashed them as a gift. I have a person on the nice list who requested mittens and since she likes softer colors these are perfect. One more gift crossed off the list.
Off to see if I can find UFO's that should have been finished a year ago or to find more needles...............
p.s. Just read the BFFs post. She is in a knitting panic. Whew! I was afraid I was in panic mode alone. (I'm feeling much better now:)