Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh Fer Cryin' Outloud

Didn't I say back in March that I was done with 2010? I believe I did. There has been a bit more 'excitement' if that's what one chooses to call it.
I fell up the stairs last evening. Yes, I said UP. When one has drop foot and forgets to watch that the entire foot is lifted to be plunked on the step one falls up or down. In this case it was up. I slammed the right side of my body (mainly the bum leg) on the remaining stairs. Not a good thing.
When I lifted my head I was met with Mr. B's warm pant and a nice s-l-u-r-p of the tongue -_-

The hubby arrived home shortly thereafter. Since the fall involved the bum leg and it was swelling and turning black and blue we headed for x-rays. Thankfully nothing is broken however I'm in an immobile knee splint and crutches for the next 2 weeks. I will be heading to the orthopedic and an MRI. They found 'other stuff' that I won't even try to explain on here.
Could've been much worse so we'll just grin and bear it. What else can we do? LOL

Mr. B found my sunglasses while we were gone over the weekend. Guess he needed a pair of shades.
Anyway he's off the hook for now because he stood by me on the stairs after I fell until I crawled to the top.
So his attorney can file his good behavior for now. She may need it later for his ongoing case.

I know what would make me feel better....chocolate :D.
Now to get chuck and charlie crutch to cooperate and help me get to the kitchen. We have never been really good friends and it seems as though we spend a lot of time discussing how we're going to maneuver.
Have I mentioned I'm not a good patient? Oh yeah. Think I have ;).


Grace said...

i have huge trouble with crutches, and especially stairs that is why it is taking me so long to recover too. But my doctor hasa totally ixnayed the chocolate, No wonder I am not myself, my life blood is missing

Feel better my friend and tell chuck and charlie to behave

Anonymous said...

Oooh,so sorry you had such a "bang up time" and will pray for you to be well again in short order. Yes,it is amazing to think that you can fall Up the stairs I have too!Guess you'll have to do some relaxing and reading,knitting,and a lot of being good to yourself time.
Best to you,
Postscript: My word verification (LOL)for this comment was STINGS . How appropriate,that you would think it funny.

Channon said...

Oh goodness indeed! But what a good boy Mr. B., to stand by you in your time of need. He even did his own version of kissing you to make it better...

I'd be willing to bet that if you TRIED to be a good patient, one or both of your daughters would bake cookies for you, and do the clean-up afterwards. Can you still use your e-spinner?

gMarie said...

OMgoodness girl! I'm glad Mr. B was there to help - such as it was. Feel better soon. ♥g

Laura Neal said...

Woman, you need to be careful! I say this since it is pretty much what I hear all of the time around here. Wait until you have to drive yourself to the emergency clinic since the hubby is out of town. :)

I am so glad that Mr. Bettis was there to lend moral support because I know you were probably having a hard time of it. Hope all heals nicely for you.

Crutches SUCK!!!!

Anita said...

Oh no! That's terrible. But I've been there before... & I don't even have a bum leg excuse. :) Awwww, sweet Mr. B. I know he drives you nuts, but you know he loves you. :)

Bubblesknits said...

See? He was trying to kiss it and make it better. ;) heehee Glad you're okay (somewhat), though. Just behave and stay off that leg.