Saturday, August 14, 2010

Anyone remember?

It's been a long 36 hours but who's timing? LOL
I have exhausted the knitting/spindle spinning/reading and nap time. So what does one do? Well, dig around for another craft.
I forgot I had these little looms. Remember when these were a kid's craft? They're a bit similar to the pot holder loom. Remember making those? I made quite a few for my mother and grandmothers while growing up.
This is my 4 x 4 loom.

This is a 2 x 4 loom and I'm making all of these black to go between the squares.

A few finished squares. I'm on a roll.

The lighting certainly doesn't do justice with the picture but I did a lay-out to see if this is how I want the finished project.

It's going to be a blanket. Yes I know. This makes how many afghan/blankets on the go? I will get them finished sometime in my lifespan ;). At least I have something different to work on for awhile.

Come to think of it....wonder where that potholder loom is hiding....LOL


gMarie said...

Actually I think it will make a lovely blanket. Can you somehow join them as you take them off to avoid the dreading "seaming together?"

Hope you are starting to feel a bit better. g

Bubblesknits said...

LOL Poor thing. I don't do well being laid up, either, so I understand. Be a good girl, though, and stay off that leg!

Anita said...

Your blanket will be gorgeous when you finish it. :) I made a bunch of those potholders too when I was younger. he he
Hope you are feeling a bit better!

Anonymous said...

The blanket is going to be beautiful, I love the weave and the close up pictures of them. A wonderful idea ! I did a few(pot holders) when I was younger too I think my mom still has one,*giggle*. Hope you're on the mend.

Channon said...

Neato!! Although I agree with G... the thought of all of those seams scares me off.