Sunday, August 15, 2010

He forgot?

I got out of the house! woo-hoo! We went to walley world to get the prescription filled.
The DH parked me, chuck and charlie crutches on a bench by the pharmacy while he waited in a very long line. As he neared the register he turned to me and mouthed the words, 'when is your birthday?' Keep in mind that I was 'parked' approximately 10+ feet from where he stood. I quietly told him the date. The DH has a hearing problem which he adamently denies but trust me, he has one.

He then leaned forward and said, "huh?" I told him once again thinking he could also read lips. Obviously not.
He asked one more time and this time I said the date loud and clear omitting the year which I wasn't about to say.
He asked, "what year?" and I promptly told him, "two years from your's" and he loudly confirmed it by stating the year.
He then turned and said, "are you sure? I thought your birthday was on the __th."

Dear husband, I do believe I know my own birthday.
I'm a bit suprised he didn't go to the front service desk and have it broadcast on the pa system.
My DH had no idea the snickers coming from the line after all he was on a mission. Sometimes I just have to laugh.

I couldn't allow this post without a little color. This was dyed before the fall.
It's getting hot and humid here again and I've cast on more projects.
Wonder how Chuck and Charlie Crutch would feel about knitted coverings? :D


Anita said...

He he... sorry, that's pretty funny. :) I can't believe he forgot though!! Well, actually I can. LOL

That yarn is gorgeous!! Great job with the dye.

Laura Neal said...

Typical husband! Mine would have called me on th cell phone and asked. He goes to pick up my scripts for me and the ladies behind the counter just shake their heads. I am starting to wind down on meds...yippee! I am down to needing only the asthma meds since the honey I am using now is getting rid of the staph! Oh yeehaw!

Channon said...

I very nearly bought some of that yarn (in any of several colorways) yesterday. Stop flashing!! ;)

Giggle... My wise captain at the time the Knight and I got married all but INSISTED I had to have our wedding date engraved inside the Knight's band. Smart guy.

I'm not sure the Knight knows what year I was born. I'll have to ask...

gMarie said...

I have another friend on crutches who spray painted hers pink. Added pink covers on both pads and even hung a little bag from one side to hold her cell phone. Chuck and Charlie won't mind a bit - plus it will make it easier to tell them apart.

Love the yarn. Sorry about the hubby - mine still mixes my info up with his first wife's. We've been married 15 years! g

Anonymous said...

This is soooo funny! I was honestly laughing out loud sitting here reading. I love the way you write,you really have a gift.
The yarn is ever so lovely!
Hope you're feeling better.

Bubblesknits said...

The only way Dr. Tooth remembers mine is that it's exactly 7 days after his. lol Makes it easy for him.

Hope you're feeling okay and being a good patient. I think I need to have my client keep a paw on you...hold you down. ;)