Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Goodies Galore

I'm trying to win at the game of procrastination and thinking it's a no win situation. I received this box of goodies from Chan a week ago. A beautiful merino/silk roving aptly named Gypsy after my own little Gypsy. I love the colorway and it's from all my friends who sent the e-spinner to come live with me. Thank you all so very much. Miss Victoria Vespera and I will enjoy the spin.

Also in the box of goodies were scrapbooking stamps, instruction booklets, a skein of Ella Rae silk sock yarn and a book, The Mayflower.

Dearest Chan, you have succeeded in keeping me occupied. Housework has gone to the way-side and I'm knitting, spinning and now reading. Thank you, Dear Friend.

Of course there were goodies from Chan and the girl gang.
Miss Gypsy sniffing inside the box. She knows there are goodies for her in there.

I set the bag of cookie treats on the chest and Mr. Bettis could barely resist but he did. Because of his good behavior he was rewarded with a special treat. *sigh* Of course, he has no idea why he was rewarded but he was licking his chops and wagging his tail.
He and the gang send paw shakes to Sissy, Gretchen and of course their owners for including something for them in the goodie box.

I've been eyeing hackles for quite some time. They're a bit pricey and I would rather try one before buying. My dad made this hackle and presented it to me last evening.

Needless to say I've been playing. It works fine for me and I'm happy with it. The spinning DD is eyeing the hackle and the wool. I seriously need to padlock the wool stash room.
It's hot and humid again. Is it fall yet?


Anita said...

Lots of great stuff!! I can't wait for my box of goodies to get here, the mail has been lacking here lately, just bills. Who wants those? :/

Love your new hackle! I've thought of making myself one of those. You'll have to let me know how you like it.

gMarie said...

Lovely box! How fun. g

Grace said...

what a wonderful box of goodies, enjoy them all!!!

Nichole said...

Yay.. spin away!!!!! =)

Channon said...

Of course you know the puppers shots are my faves... Hmmm... The Knight could make me a hackle like that too...

Bubblesknits said...

Look at Mr. B being so good! I hope he got more than one little treat. (Can you tell that big goof has completely won my heart? lol)