Sunday, June 13, 2010

Luck of the Leaf

We have a problem here. I have an allergy to honeysuckle. Mind you, I love the smell of it and way back when I would pluck the flowers and sip the juice from it.
A few years back I developed a sneezing, tear-watering, coughing allergy to the stuff.
So last night I awakened coughing and tears streaming down my face. I sniffed a strong aroma of honeysuckle coming in the window over my head.
This morning I informed the DH that he needs to cut down all the honeysuckle on the property. He headed out the door with the sickle in hand. He promptly returned with sad news.
There's poison ivy and Virginia creeper intermixed in the shrub beds and the bank.

May not sound like anything big however the DH is VERY allergic to poison and the creeper. It requires a trip to the ER for shots so looks like he won't be cutting down much of anything. I'm not allergic to poison or the creeper but can't be anywhere near the honeysuckle.
We could be overtaken with ivy, creeper and honeysuckle.....wait.....where's Little Legs (aka the college kid)? I don't think she's allergic to any of it. :)

While we're waiting for the college kid to whack down the stuff we'll enjoy the scenery on the porch. A lovely pot of blooming flowers.

It's hot and humid here and we're not doing much of anything. How's the weather in your neck of the woods?


Anita said...

LOL, I was thinking as I was reading that the college kid was home, she could cut that stuff down for you. hehe :)

Lovely pot of flowers!

Channon said...

That's funny... I just hope she truly is still NOT allergic to any of it!

Bubblesknits said...

What's Virginia Creeper? Does it cause rashes like poison ivy? Just curious. :)

We bought some Roundup Tough Brush Killer that also kills poison ivy and stuff. I wonder if it would work? That way it could be sprayed from a distance.

Or College Kid can hack it down. Either way. lol

Nichole said...

Oh no... what a pair you two make! Any chance you can get a neighbor kid to come by and help?

Laura Neal said...

Too bad I am not up there, I would cut down the poison ivy, I can roll in it and not get it. I don't know about you but, for the honeysuckle, get a gas mask on and the shears...out it would go. I have to wear a gask mask to use the chlorine for the pool.

Hot here and getting hotter. I think some cold weather would be lovely about now!