Tuesday, June 01, 2010

In the Spin

Life. Somedays it's stressful beyond words which is why when I found this wine container I snagged it. Love, live and laugh are the words I plan to repeat daily.
It's not holding a bottle of wine although I may have to purchase a bottle if life continues to dole out stuff.....
It is the new house for a few of my new spindles :)

Hubby had some "mad money" stashed. Each of our daughters chipped in on the mad money stash and they purchased a few spindles for me. I will show the other two spindles in another post. These are from Zebisis Designs. This is a hematite rainbow and you know me, I love color.

The seller included this spindle and a small braid of mulberry silk FREE! Now that's customer service. These spindles are well made and a work of art. They appear to be fragile but they're no more fragile than wood.
I love the flower design and the photo does not capture the true color.
Hubby did well (with the help of our girls) and these are so much better than my normal gifts i.e. a swiffer.These mean so much to me as I know he and the girls saved their money to get something special for lil ole me. They're keepers in my book :).

We visited my parents over the weekend.
Mom and I dug around in her fiber stash (which rivals her yarn stash). I did some carding for her and she shared the above grey fleece with me. The staple is approximately 4-5 inches long with a beautiful crimp and I have about 13 ozs.
She also shared her Angora fleece and gave about 10 ounces to me. Trust me when I say, she still has plenty of stash...lol
Dad went to his garage and made us each a spindle. Mind you, it's not as fancy schmancy as the above spindles but because Dad made it for me, I'll cherish it. It has a great spin and is very lightweight so it's perfect for fine spinning.
Looks like I have a lot of spinning to do:).


Channon said...

Those are beautiful spindles and you spin so finely!!

Love your spindle case.

Laura Neal said...

Very nice! That was really sweet of them to get you something you want instead of the something you can use around the house. :)

smilely said...

What about me and your DD, did dad make us anything? Just kidding, I have so much to do, speaking of which I am off to wash some suri fiber.

Grace said...

you have wonderful gifts there!!! you deserve them all!

Nichole said...

Beautiful spindles!!!!!!

Bubblesknits said...

Aww... that makes me want to come up there and give all of them big hugs. Very thoughtful. :) All the spindles are lovely, but your spinning is downright beautiful. The stuff that comes off my drop spindle looks like fuzzy caterpillars. lol

Anita said...

Lovely Spindles!! They did a good job picking them out. :)

And what a great idea for a spindle case!!!