Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Carnival Eye Candy

I've been a spinning fool here. My spindles and are in overdrive.
These are dyed handcarded batts by your's truly. A lovely mix of BFL and silk.

I debated on leaving this as a singles but decided to Navajo ply it instead. I enjoy plying, it's so relaxing.
A skein of worsted weight yarn with approximately 125 yds resulted from this quick spin.
As one spinner noted on Ravelry, "it reminds me of carnival food." Hence the name Carnival Eye Candy. I may add this colorway to my list of fiber to be dyed.
Recovery from surgery is s-l-o-w and I'm itching to get back to dyeing even if it's in very small batches.
What eye candy fiber/yarn is in your stash that your anxious to spin/knit?


Nichole said...


Anita said...

Those are gorgeous batts & lovely yarn!! I plan on spinning some this weekend. I've missed it this week.

Bubblesknits said...

I craving time to sit down at my wheel again. Still haven't finished that Tequila Sunrise roving.

Channon said...

Yum!! I love it!

I'm itching to finish the blue batt, spin the green silk, and finish what I'm going to do of the neon stuff and get that plied...