Saturday, June 05, 2010

Date Night

Hubby called on his way home from work and suggested we go out for the evening. Since we haven't been anywhere to speak of for awhile. Date Night. Woo-hoo! Where did we go?
Well let me see, we grabbed a sandwich at the local diner, Wal-Mart (to get dog treats), the market (to get human food) and of course the evening would not be complete without a trip to Lowe's. I'm not a fan of Lowe's unless I can look at paint or I have a craft project in mind. Other than that....meh....not my kind of store. I stay in the car while he shops. Too much walking (otherwise known as hobbling in my case).

Lately I have been smitten with spindles and have wanted to try a support spindle for quite awhile. Cotton and angora are anxiously waiting in my fiber stash and they need a support spindle.
I've looked at them online and wiped the drool from the monitor for weeks now. I also wanted to try one first before I actually saved the cash to purchase one.
DH found a dowel, some kind of closet wheel thingy (don't ask, I forget the specific name of the thingy) and hooks. Cost? $4.36

At that point, Date Night was over for me, I wanted to make the spindle and give it a whirl immediately.
So we went home, we put away the groceries and at 9 pm last night, hubby made a spindle. Took about 15 minutes and boy is it a spinner. My youngest son is an artist and he made this bowl for me a long time ago when he was in high school. It is the perfect support bowl until I can find a smaller one. This little spindle spins forever and I love it.

There's a running joke between my sis and me about flamingo decorations in the Appalachian Mountains.
She presented me with a flamingo light set. Oh thank you so much, Sis.....LOL
So here they are in all their pink glory hanging on our deck.

Just so you get the Full effect, here they are lit at night.....

She also presented a package of Flamingo napkins for a future picnic. Now all I need is a Flamingo lawn ornament....LOL And if I wake up one morning and find a Flamingo lawn ornament in my front yard, I'll know who put it there.

Anyone know where I can find one of those dress-up geese? I have a sister who needs a lawn ornament.....LOL


Bubblesknits said...

I've got some geese for you. You can pick one of the 70+ that are hanging out in our back yard right now. Don't know how easy it'd be to dress one, though. lol

Love your date night. Sounds like most of ours. LOL

Channon said...

What a guy! Date night AND he came home and made you a spindle?! Sweet! It's very pretty too.

MIL bought her dress-up goose from the garden center up the road. If I actually venture there tomorrow for soil and a tomato plant, I'll inquire.

Nichole said...

LOL... cute flamingos!
Fun date night!

Anita said...

That's great you guys had a date night! You needed it. :)

Your new support spindle is lovely! Very creative idea.

I love your flamingo lights! he he
I actually have 2 silly flamingo art prints that I plan on hanging in my bathroom. ha ha

And if you really want a goose I'm sure I could find you one.... let me know. :)