Thursday, December 02, 2010

Slowing the Season

This year has been tough in so many ways for this little household. We're taking the tough and turning them into blessings (not an easy task but we're doing our best). Due to unforeseen circumstances (medical saga and it's little games) there will be NO purchased gifts this year therefore changing the holiday dynamics in this house.

So, this year, I'm joining gMarie and others by taking the "Slowing the Season" pledge.

"Please join us in our effort to reduce stress, reduce our carbon footprint, really slow down and enjoy the holiday season this year and in years to come. Exchanging gifts isn’t a big part of holiday preparations. For me and my family, the holidays are not about how much you spend, how much you give or receive, but spending time with loved ones making memories.
In an effort to achieve this goal – I plan to do the following to the best of my ability:

~exchange gifts only with my immediate family
~give handmade gifts with meaning;
~give supplies to make a something that the recipient would enjoy;
~participate in free, local holiday events;
~buy from local artists whenever possible; and
~try to create one new family tradition.

We're just reclaiming the PEACE and JOY of the season.
If you care to join us in slowing the season - feel free to use my badge (or create your own) and add the pledge to your blog. Between now and Christmas share little ways you are reclaiming the Peace and Joy of the Season with you family."

I'm ad-libbing here:
There are a few friends on my gift list.
All of my gifts are handmade).
We have a lot of deep rooted traditions here so I had to give the new tradition a lot of thought. I called mom and we came up with a plan; we're attending Christmas Eve Candlelight Service with my 90 yr old grandmother at her church. Mom and I are taking cookies and tea to her home afterwards so the family can visit. She doesn't know it yet and she will be surprised and delighted.

In spite of the trials and tribulations this past year found necessary to bestow on this house, we are blessed. I wish for everyone to slow down, breathe in the Christmas Air and have a peaceful and blessed holiday.


Grace said...

my inlaws are coming here for Christmas first time in years, and we are keeping it very simple too!

Channon said...

LOVE your new tradition. I'm hoping that the shift in our plans will have us at a Christmas Eve service again. I miss that VERY much.

Nichole said...

Amen to slowing the season anyway you can....

gMarie said...

Your new tradition sounds lovely. I'm trying to come up with something in the spirit to pull from my advent calendar pockets each day. It was easier when the kids were little :)

Glad you are finding peace and joy. g

Bubblesknits said...

That sounds like a fabulous idea that you and your Mom came up with. =) Your grandmother is going to love that.