Sunday, November 07, 2010

There's no place like home...

Busy is an understatement around here right now but time was on our side for some family time this weekend.
First up was the homecoming football game. Always a great time with friends and family. Chem-girl arrived safe and sound from her second home (college) to attend as an alumni.

Our home school won the game and so the festivities began.

Daughter #1 joined in the fun when work allowed. She's the one wrapped in the afghan because good ole mom wouldn't turn up the heat in order to save money ;).

By the way for the knitters out there, the afghan is the Rambling Rows by Cottage Creations. Excellent pattern and a fun knit (warm too). I can't seem to find the link but for the ravelers out there it's an easy find in the pattern section on Ravelry.
Time was found for a good game of Hands and Foot.

There was some girl knitting time and like a bunch of hens, we chattered and laughed while catching up on the family news. Cooking and baking produced chicken casserole, roast dinner, cookies and potato candy. Yum.

Chem-girl is back at school, DD #1 has a busy week and DH begins another week of work. As for me, it's a time to reflect and catch up on the never ending laundry and cleaning around here as well as some busy time with DD #1. We're looking forward to family time at Thanksgiving. Only 2 + more weeks.
I must also find time for gift knitting....or else put an ad in the paper for some knitting elves ;).


Grace said...

Love knitting Rambling Rows,

great stash buster especially with all the post holiday scraps!!!

Channon said...

Chem girl? Okay, we're not nearly as much alike as I thought. Ewwwww... chemistry?! ;)

Nichole said...

Happy Homecoming... and happy, happy girl knitting time! :)

Anita said...

LOL! One wrapped up in a blanket, one in shortsleeves. :)

I need those knitting evles here too!! so if you find them don't let them go. he he

Bubblesknits said...

That's how it normally is of us is freezing and the other is hot. lol

What is "Hand and Foot"?

Hope everything is going okay. Keeping everyone in my prayers.

gMarie said...

Oh - they have knitting elves? Can I borrow them when you're through? Looks like a fun weekend! g