Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Decorating in Style

Life has been in the way of...well?...Life but we're muddling through in spite of it.
We're hard stock Appalachian folk so what's a gal to do but pull up the boot straps and start over (although me thinks the boots are hip length these days....*sigh*).

During a normal holiday year we decorate after Thanksgiving. We threw that to the wind and started the decorating marathon early. It's a mess but we're beginning to see the light(s). Look closely and you can see a certain cat in the picture. I missed getting the photo of Missy Prissy falling from the box that was teetering....*snicker*. Mr. Bettis didn't miss it though and promptly arrived for damage control and to play a quick game of chase the cat (eyeroll).