Friday, November 19, 2010

...can see clearly now

Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning...and that's been the motto around here on a daily basis.
The sky belies the daily events around here but I must admit I like the picture anyway.

This is a rather small and insignificant mess in the scheme of Life. Miss Aurora occasionally gets into my yarn bags and carries yarn to an undetermined location. Unbeknownst to me this skein hit a load of unwashed laundry and hit the washing machine. It is now clean but totally destroyed and I'm hoping I have enough yarn to finish the project.
Mr. Bettis is off the hook on this one but the destroyed umbrella is another story.

It takes days to put up the Christmas tree. Hubby wanted a live tree but that's not happening this year and I know Chan will have something to say about that ;). Given our luck this year, I'm sure it's a wise thing to skip a live tree.
Miss Phoebe has attitude and she's not the least bit happy to move for the sake of decorating.

The eldest DD had a much needed eye appointment. Apparently when one fails the eye test miserably, glasses are made within an hour -_-.
She can see clearly now and looks so smart ;). The computer and cell phone have her undivided attention now that she can actually see to read.
We're gearing up for the holidays. Not too certain how they're going to fare but not much we can do about it. So here goes.....
When do you decorate?


Channon said...

Giggle... I'm sorry. That yarn spaghetti amuses me far more than it should. At least it wasn't felted into something else, right?

The fake tree thing is hard for me. I love a real tree too, but oh the fire hazard... Make the hubster watch National Lampoon's Christmas where the cat and a squirrel destroy the tree, start a fire...

Nichole said...

Wow... that's some failure to get them within the hour! ;-)

Sounds like your furkids have been up to no good... oops!

Beautiful sky pic!

gMarie said...

We do a living tree - in a pot with a rootball and everything - I'm sure it's not as much a fire hazard as a dead tree.

Your lovely DD looks very pretty and smart in her new glasses - yea her!

Here's hoping the holidays don't deliver anything you can't handle.

Oh and we decorate after Thanksgiving - first the reindeer, then the villiage and eventually - closer the Christmas - much closer in fact - the tree. g

Bubblesknits said...

We're going with a fake tree this year, too.

I'm sure my client was relieved to hear that he was not being considered a suspect in the cat's latest plot to frame him for destruction of property. ; )

Anita said...

But how can you get mad at that sweet little kitty face? LOL

We've got the fake tree now, but it's so pretty! And so much less mess!

We will put the tree up in the next week or two... that is all the decorating I've done the past couple of years. I'm such a grinch. :)