Friday, February 05, 2010

We're ready!

The blizzard is on it's way. The national weather service has warned of paralyzing conditions, wind with snow possibly measuring in feet. Husband's work has been cancelled and we received a text message at 6 am from the college DD that her campus has closed for the day. I hear there's a snowball battle and sled riding in the forecast on campus:-).
Hubby and I are prepared.
Cell phones, laptop fully charged. Check.
Milk and bread Check.
Toilet paper. Check. (nothing like running out, know this one from a previous blizzard).
We're ready!

Husband's handknit socks, balaclava, gloves and snowshovel. Check.

Wife's yarn, needles, markers, spindle, coffee cup, check.

oh but wait......are you saying my preparations are not snow related? ppffttt.....Sure they are, look closely there are snow markers made by Anita. I plan to start a lot of projects today.
I'm ready :).


Nichole said...

I think the only thing you're missing is the liquor! :-)

Bubblesknits said...

ROTFL Yeah, your pile looks a lot less labor intensive than your hubby's. ;-) Smart woman.

Channon said...

Oh look! A buffet for Mr Bettis! ;)