Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Snow Day

Another Snow Day. I made pancakes for hubby. Just wait till he sees Mickey Mouse on his plate :).

No need for many words. I'll keep this short.
Icicles are everywhere. I have no idea why icicles fascinate me but they do.

I don't think anyone will be coming to visit anytime soon. There's no way they can get through the 35" of snow to the door.

The first flakes of Round #2 began around 3 pm yesterday.
It is still very pretty.

Mr. Bettis running through his tunnel. The snow is beginning to freeze on top so he is able to romp and play as needed. Thank goodness I was getting a bit concerned about him getting enough excercise. I can't afford losing stuff to his high energy antics.
You're on retainer Ms. Attorney because I have a feeling it won't be long till he will need you.


Nichole said...

Glad Mr B is having fun romping!!!!

Love the Mickeys!

Anita said...

Oh I love Icicles! Thanks for sharing that photo. :)

I'm glad Mr. B is getting some play time outside...

What did the hubby say about Mickey for breakfast? LOL

Bubblesknits said...

Oh dear. Please tell him to keep the antics to a minimum. I'm afraid his owners might turn him into a pup-sicle. ;-)

Tia said...

Gosh you HAVE a lot of snow, here in Ireland , we just had white frost last night , its very cold , but no snow yet ! Oh where did you get that Mickey mouse shaper??? Our 2.5 year old is Mickey mous e mad at the moment :0) Keep warm !

Channon said...

Gretchen loves to play queen of the mountain, and we've been amazed that Sissy doesn't cave in the snow either!