Saturday, December 05, 2009

He's checking his list

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It's snowing!!
The best Christmas present for me would to be snowed in on Christmas Day. One year we had 6 inches of snow on Christmas Day and I insisted we all go on the deck in our pj's with hot chocolate and admire God's handiwork. The children politely obliged until they were shivering and whining. LOL
Hey! They haven't forgotten that Christmas Morn.

Santa Paws is very aware of Mr. Bettis on the naughty screen in his workshop.
We left last evening for a brief time and this is what greeted us at the door. He was so happy to meet us that you would've thought we left him for weeks. Little did we realize it was only to disguise what he was up to while we were gone.

Potatoes were strewn everywhere. I found this lonely potato in the middle of the floor. I'm sure he had a hayday tossing and playing. He never eats them.

My dye stuff was sitting on the floor in a box. A closed box and I found it destroyed on the floor. Thank goodness I don't keep my dyes in there or I'm sure we'd be at the vet office right now.

Mr. Beau and Miss Sissy have warned Mr. Bettis several times that Santa Paws is watching but apparently Mr. Bettis is not interested in new toys and treats. He seems to find his own.

Just when I think he's going to behave and be good, whammy!


Tia said...

Ohhhhh a white Christmas (childhood memories) so far here in Ireland its still just rain ! Oh the naughty cat...our animals can run havoc too but when they give that "look" I just cant bring myself to scold them !

gaylen said...

Mr. B - I'd be happy to send you some of my toys. They'd be full of new smells and lots of good stuff. Maybe your Momma would even put them in a closed box for you. Hey Momma - have you considered putting the potatoes someplace he can't reach them? Just sayin'

Beauregard the Bloodhound

Channon said...

We had our first snow flakes today... In fact, they're still falling, but the ground is so warm we just have a frozen mess.

Mr. B, just you wait 'til Sissy wakes up from her beauty sleep. She isn't going to be amused, even if you were trying to work on a surprise gift for her. (Well, the potato might have entertained her, but she KNOWS you don't mess with Mama's stuff!!)

Anita said...

Oh! Your snow is so pretty!!!! All we are getting here is a cold rain. :(

Ok, so the potato thing is pretty funny... the dye stuff not so much. I hope he didn't destroy too much. Do you think if you left him a box of dog toys closed up where he could get to them he might choose to get those out instead??

Bubblesknits said...

Mr. Bettis has released the following statement through his attorney:

"See what happens when I try to cook? ::woof:: No thanks at all. And I was simply trying look in the box for pots and pans. ::woof:: If it had been better constructed, it wouldn't have fallen apart at the first snuffle. ::woof::"

Laura Neal said...

It actually snowed here, in Texas, in December! Amazing!
Poor Mr. Bettis, he is Dennis the Menace of doggies! I have Ody, they need to get together and no house would be left standing!

Nichole said...

I always chuckle about the potatoes... never eats them, just plays with them... I think he thinks its some big magic bag of balls!!!

Grace said...

oooh my i missed this post somehow, your Mr B is quite the handful!

will PM you soon, having a rough couple of days, a lot of arthritis pain and some heartache but tis the season and we are all in misery