Saturday, December 19, 2009


It started snowing at 9 pm on 12-18-09. It is still snowing and it's 6 pm on 12-19-09. There's approximately 16 inches outside right now and absolutely beautiful:). Can you tell I LOVE snow?

This is our backyard beyond the dog fence.

More pictures in our backyard.

God decorated the trees for Christmas a bit early.

A path must be cleared for Miss Molly and Miss Gypsy. If you think Miss Molly is going in the yard into the snow......think again.

Luckily for them Mr. Bettis is the official snowplow for the girls. He thinks it snowed just for him.


Channon said...

LOVE those photos. I believe that now, some 28 hours after the snow started, it has finally stopped. We have somewhere around 30 inches.

Anita said...

Wow, love the snow photos!! And that photo of Mr B is adorable! He makes a cute snow plow. :)

Bubblesknits said...

See, Mr. B is a gentleman. ;-)

gaylen said...

I'm with Bubbles - Mr. B is quite the gentleman clearing snow for the little darlings to get through. He looks stinkin' cute in that photo.


Nichole said...

Love the pics!

Laura Neal said...

Ooh, gorgeous! That big goober loves the snow...I can see him running and playing in it like there is no tomorrow. Aren't dogs just great?