Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mama's Got Brand New Shoes & a Puppy!

Mama needed new shoes. The DH offered to take me out of town to shop for shoes and visit with the sons & their wives. However, I have not had very good days (medically speaking) and I knew the 4 hour round trip was not feasible so we shopped locally. Last evening we went to good old walley world and a local shoe store.
Mama and "pal" (the brace) got brand new shoes. Now this may be a rather simple shopping experience for a normal person but you have no idea what this entails. The shoes must be comfortable of course (no more shopping for the pretty, cute shoes....... wwaaahhhhh). The insoles must be removeable for "my pal" to fit. They must be durable and since I'm frugal, could the shoe manufacturer please keep the price reasonable. Oh, don't forget the handknit socks must fit inside the shoes. It only took an hour to finally find a pair that suited my pal. (Seems pal was more picky than me.) DH was very patient and brought box after box of shoes for me to try. He did mention once that he liked a certain pair and I suspected he was only telling me that so we could move on. I had to get a larger size to accomodate "my pal" which didn't make me very happy at all. Seriously, since when does a woman want to admit her shoe size? LOL

My Pal and her new shoes!!!!

I thought about orthopedic shoes but mentally, I'm not ready for those.

New socks cast on for my new shoes. I need a little style, you know:)
This pattern is Vilai from Cookie A's new book Sock Innovation.

I know what you're thinking, this woman is nuts if she got another puppy with Mr. Bettis & Co. You're correct. There's no way I'd bring in another pet of any kind into this house.

This is the new puppy. I'm thinking of a name so any suggestions are welcome. Isn't it cute? It is sitting HIGH up on the tv console cabinet beside an antique cookie jar far far away from Mr. Bettis.
The cats are a different story.

Chan also sent a tiny tin with tea. Look at the little sprinkles. I love sprinkles:). The tea was delish. Thank you, Chan.

Sissy and Gretchen sent treats for Mr. Bettis & Co. and I wanted to get pictures. However, I set the treats on the table and went off to find the camera. When I returned the treats were G-O-N-E! Little Miss Gypsy & Molly were eating their portion under the table. Mr. B was watching them, licking his lips and wagging his tail. Sure signs that he devoured his share in no time flat. Sorry, Chan, I really wanted to get pics for you and the girls. They enjoyed them, though:). Give the girls a hug for sharing.


petsknit said...

when did you get the new knitting book? Love that new puppy LUV MOM

PurlingPirate said...

Well Buttons Bettis of course! Very cute!

Channon said...

That tickled me, actually. I'm sure Sissy would heartily approve, and if Mr. B happened to "hand" the treats to the girls, Gretchen thinks that's okay too!

New Balance? That's my go-to brand for the last few years. They're very comfy. I hope they serve you well.

Grace said...

nice nice nice Pal is happy with the shoes, the puppy has a home, the tea is delicious I have had it and all is right with the world

We have all heard of YO YO Ma====name the doggy YO YO Pup

Anita said...

Like the new shoes, they look like mine. :)

And the new puppy is cute! But I'm not good with names. LOL Bubbles?

Too funny that the doggies got all the treats before you could get the camera! That was nice of Mr. Bettis to share after he got them off the table. :)

Bubblesknits said...

Glad you found some shoes that work. I used to wear New Balance and loved them. I found out Merrell shoes work better with my arches though, so now I'm wearing those.

Tell Mr. Bettis way to go on making sure he wasn't the only one in on the treat stealing action. ;-)

gaylen said...

The shoes look sturdy and I'm sure that's important. I do like a nice new pair of new balance as well.

My guys ate their treats from Channon before photos were taken too. Channon said the yo-yo pups all originally had food names - how about "snickerdoodle?" I got pumpkin :) g

Sara said...

The cookie sock is STR isn't it? Which color?

Nichole said...

Cute puppy!

Ryan said...
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