Monday, July 27, 2009


Enjoy this post, particularly as you scroll down and read about Mr. Bettis's choice for Chan, The Knight & the fur-girls.

Hubby spent the hottest weekend of this year at a car show. My dad has a show car and he's been wanting to attend one of his shows.
I don't know much about older vehicles but they seem to have enjoyed the show.

He's driving it off the car trailer.

Here it is, spit shined and ready to go.
It's 1959 Italian made Bianchina. It has bells and whistles (and I'm not exaggerating, it really has a bell and a whistle horns). It is also a convertible. There were only 1500 of these made between 1959 - 1962. It's a 2 cylinder and gets 75 mpg. I'd say this was the first "smart car."

It never takes long for a crowd to form around this little car. Which means dad has found someone new to talk about the car:).

Some of the trophies that dad has won at the shows.

While at the car show hubby got to thinking about Chan and her search for a car. Then he got to thinking about her fur-girls riding in style.
So pictures were taken for Chan to consider as vehicle choices. Mr. Bettis has seen the pics and has given a lot of input. Keep in mind these cars do not have air conditioning but Miss Sissy could hang her head out the window with her ears blowing in the wind with style.
This is Car #1. Mr. Bettis thought it had a sleek look and gave it 3 paws.

This is Car #2. A nice Bel Air. The color choice is good and there's a large back seat. Mr. Bettis gave this 4 paws.

This is truck #1. Mr. Bettis was a bit concerned about seating for the fur-girls and only gave it 2 paws.

This cadillac had everything and I do mean everything. Loaded to perfection. Mr. Bettis thought Miss Sissy would love the convertible and he knows she and her sister would need special seating. But he thought this was perfect for Sissy's ears blowing in the wind. He gave this 5 paws until he saw the following truck.

He gave this truck 5+ paws. The front was perfect for Chan and the Knight. It is red for the fire department and just look at the little truck for the fur-girls. Couldn't you just see Sissy and Gretchen in the little truck? Perfect!
So go ahead, comment and feel free to pick your choice for Miss Sissy and Miss Gretchen. You can choose for Chan and the Knight but Mr. Bettis says it really isn't about them but all about the fur-girls:). Sorry, Chan.


Channon said...

SNOL... You and Mr. B are too funny! I can't wait to show the Knight this post. Of course Sissy would love her ears flapping in the wind!

Anita said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! Too funny!!!! :)
That post gave me a good laugh. I imagined Sissy in every one of those with the ears blowing in the wind. he he

I think you Dad's car is so dang cute! I would love to take that for a spin, it's just the right size for me! LOL And I think that little truck is PERFECT for the fur girls!

gaylen said...

I think Mr. B got it perfect. Took all of the girls concerns in mind and even Chan's.

I do love your Dad's little car - it's freakin' adorable and so much more Earth Friendly than a new Smart Car because it's already built. :) g

Bubblesknits said...

Mr. Bettis has impeccable taste. Again, if he ever needs another home... ;-) I'll let him pick out our next car, for sure!

Laura Neal said...

I would go for the first truck you showed, a good old Hound in the back with his ears flapping in the breeze and baying along as you go along down the road. I am a Southern girl after all and we should all have a hound dog, they are sweeties! I love my hound dog!
That truck reminds me of the times we spent as kids crawling all over my Dad's truck, it looked just like that but in black.