Friday, July 17, 2009

Help! Vaccination......please

Ever since the knitting gods came after me with their pointy sticks admonishing me over gauge issues I've been afflicted with startitis. HELP!!!!!!!

Chan close your eyes or put on the shades:). Making Chan's gag gift with Anita opened a color world to me. I wouldn't normally choose the color orange but I have been smitten. I think the knitting gods have had something to do with this color change for me.

The top skein is knitpicks sun-kissed. Not so orange but it is pretty. The middle is a skein of alpaca/merino and the bottom is a skein of cashmerino. I dyed both of these skeins and I'm casting on today. Probably a shawl so I can look like a pumpkin going out the

The knitting gods enlisted their buddies, the crochet gods to really give me a good dose of Startitis. I have a lot of Noro sock yarn. So my mom and I decided to crochet an afghan from the sock yarn. May I just say, this is addicting! I was going to make this for the youngest son and his wife for Christmas but Mr. Smarty Pants Jr didn't want an afghan that looked like a "technicolor dreamcoat." Good! It's M-I-N-E.....all mine......(greedy laugh).

Of course a new pair of socks to be cast on were not left out of my severe case of Startitis. I downloaded this pattern from a wonderful designer , Verybusymonkey, who only charges $3 for her patterns. Because of the economy she reduced her prices. Isn't that wonderful? These are the Paisely socks. So if you're on Ravelry, check them out.

I must give credit when it's due. Grace made a beautiful afghan called Alita. So the knitting gods preyed on my desire to knit Alita and know, I had to cast on. I love this pattern.
The color is a bit boring but I decided it's for the Mr. Smarty Pants Son who didn't want the "technicolor dreamcoat" afghan. Hrmph!

In order to throw off the knitting gods and Startitis I worked on my window frame of pictures. I want to put a black background behind the pics but now that it is on the wall I may have to print more black & white photos. I don't have many pictures of the three older kids as adults so I'll fill up the panes with the youngest DD and her adventures. Trust me, we have plenty of those pics. LOL

p.s. Is there a vaccination for Startitis? If there is, please direct me to the closest knitting clinic:).


gaylen said...

Those oranges you made yourself are fabulous. And there is nothing wrong withlooking like a pumpkin :)

The socks and the Dreamcoat afghan are very nice. Enjoy the process - I don't think there's a vaccine - it's called willpower and the reason why I haven't finished anything this week but consumed almost an entire pan of brownies instead. g

Nichole said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the windowpane of pics! Very cool...

And I like your orange... silly Chan!

petsknit said...

I'm going to quit going to the yarn shop with the daughter. We always get into big trouble and start so many new projects. I quit counting how many and thinkd I'll have to start more today. Was going to clean but the kniting chair is calling. Let me know when your ready to yarn shop again. I won't tell the DH MOMdi

Channon said...

That top color isn't orange. I hope you realize that... ;)

I love it all! I'd have startisis right now too, except I'm doing some very happy deadline knitting that I think you already know about.

Bubblesknits said...

I've got so many projects on the needles right's kinda sad. I don't want to work on anything but socks, either. So the Green Gable sweater, the Girasole throw, the DNA scarf, and several other things are just being ignored. Not to mention the other stuff that I've started, didn't like, and just haven't ripped yet.

Love the Noro afghan, btw. Tell the youngest son that you don't want to hear any complaints of being cold this winter. ;-)

Grace said...

I don't want a vaccination from startitis but I NEED one from shoppingitis, I can't stop and this could become a problem, its starting to scare me So everytime I see a skein of yarn I think of how much I am killing the master blocker, he will have to work X Much to pay for it.

I loved Alita and will do it again someday, even more then Girasole and I loved that one too

I have made 5 cats in 2 weeks, 3 cupcakes and worked on many other things. And I am contemplating starting something new right this minute

I have not crocheted one of those afghans in about 4 years, I did one for my niece in all my fun fur scraps. Of course she destroyed it, but it was cool while it lasted!

Anita said...

Ok, first, what is Chan deadline knitting? I haven't heard that one. LOL

Second, I love your orange! I have some peach Dream in Color that I've had for a shrug for a while, I might just have to join you in the startitis & cast on! :)

And I love your mulit-color afghan square, it's gonna be awesome!

Laura Neal said...

I was supposed to work on socks but, ended up spinning instead. Love your new colors! I have an orange blend around here I call Tequila Sunrise. It is a brighty!

The afghan is just gorgeous! I love bright colors, the brighter the better!