Monday, June 02, 2008

Startitis .....again

Here we go again. Another round of Startits has hit! This is a stash buster of Wool-Ease Worsted. I thought about 100% wool but then I cannot imagine hand washing an afghan.
There's a KAL on Ravelry and the link to the pattern is here.

Little Miss Aurora seems to think I am making this for her so she can sleep on it. Sad thing is? She will probably be found napping on this when it's finished. On second thought I will probably find her on while it's in progress.

This is Savannah's Dream sweater. She wanted a sweater made of all of her favorite colors. I dyed this yarn just for her and it will grow up to be the Apres Hoodie found in the Interweave Knits 2008 issue.

I have no idea what is up with me and shawls in the spring. But I just had to cast on for another shawl. One would think that I should finish a WIP first before casting on but.........the yarn and the needles were begging to be used. So another shawl is in progress. This is alpaca lace that I bought at Stitches East 2007. ( see? I really do use the stuff that I buy:)
This pattern is the Bee Fields.

Ta-Da! I will have you know I finally finished something. The Doghouse dishcloth which is a free pattern. This site has quite a few free patterns.
Once I cast off, I knew this entitled me to start something new. But did that mean finishing a dishcloth to start a laceweight shawl of epic porportions? Well of course it did!
(have I mentioned that I have very little knitting logic in my pea-purl-sized brain?)


Channon said...

Beautiful - all. Apres Hoodie is something I've been eyeing, and Bee Fields is too!

Anita said...

Oh my! how adorable is Miss Aurora?!!!! A blankie fit for a princess... that's what she's thinking! LOL

I'd be ashamed to take photos of all the projects I have on needles!!! he he As long as there are no photos there's no evidence!

Diane said...

Miss Aurora is concerned that you are spending much to much time blogging and working on other projects instead of finishing her new napping blanket.

I feel the same way about hand washing afghans. Enough of a pain in the ass getting them to fit in the washer/dryer without trying to figure out where the hell to lay flat to dry after handwashing in the bathtub.

Bubblesknits said...

That is one gorgeous cat! I have a wild kitten attacking my feet (and thin air...and now the other cats) right now. As long as she doesn't go after my yarn, I'm good. lol

BTW, got my order in and "Happy Tap"? Beautiful. Great job!

Laura Neal said...

You do realize if you did have to wash that afghan by hand that cat would be all over it while wet and cat hair when wet is a perfect B to get off of something!
Wanna come knit some stuff for me? I am lazy, with a capital L!

Alison said...

Came over from Channon's, looked at your Etsy, and am dying to know (notice I managed not to spell that the way my fingers wanted to, under the circumstances) what "squish dyeing" is. You don't have to tell me, but you've got me curious.

--Alison Hyde at

KnittingMoose said...

Neat afghan, love how your color changes made the center look kind of like a snowflake (at least to me!).

monica said...

Miss Aurora is lovely and she will look beautiful on "her" new blankie.

I suffer terribly from startitis. I feel for you. If only there weren't so many tempting yarn and patterns out there it would be so much easier.