Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our wedding anniversary.

The DH was out scouting yard sales and the local farmer's market. He came home with corn on the cob to roast on the grill.

He also scarfed up 4 antique chairs for $5 a piece. They're painted black but when chipped a bit of the paint one can see Oak wood. They will be gorgeous when stripped. I love antiques.
A great anniversary gift.

The child worked very hard this year in her AP classess and received straight "A's" on her report card. She deserved something for her hard work and she's been wanting a bike.
The DH found this while yard shopping and he grabbed it. An American Eagle bike for $25! It is in excellent condition. She was thrilled and promptly went out for a bike ride. Congrats Savannah!

Last but not least I recieved these in the mail from Wendy. I begged and I pleaded for her to make me a set and she did. The socks are a perfect fit on these. They are lightweight and portable. She also included two tea bags as a little gift (ya gotta love knitters).One for night and one for morning. Thank you Wendy. I really enjoy the flower power sock blockers.

(I will consider these to be my anniversary gift to self)

p.s. Thanks to all who offered their advice on the sun poison. Believe me, I tried it all :) and it was appreciated.


Diane said...

Happy Anniversary. Your gobs look wonderful.

Congrats to your daughter for doing well on her report card.

Laura Neal said...

Happy Anniversary!

Channon said...

Happy anniversary, and congrats to your daughter. Lots to celebrate around your house, eh?

Wendy said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad that I could add to your celebrating this week. Those chairs are darling!

Janice said...
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Bubblesknits said...

Happy Anniversary! :-) And what great finds in the yard sales!

Anita said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Congrats to your daughter, that's impressive!
What a great deal on the chairs! I've been scouting the thrift stores around here & can't find anything they don't want a fortune for.

Firefly Nights said...

Happy belated Anniversary.

Those are the prettiest sock blockers I've ever seen.

Love the Just Married sign being on a truck. One of our friends, who usually isn't uppity, says he thinks one shouldn't drive a truck to a funeral. We've told him that not only will we make it a special point to drive our truck if he goes first, but that we might go out and borrow something like a big dump truck for the occasion. He's one of those types of friends who just sometimes needs to have you annoy him.