Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The 7 Day Itch

Remember in the former posts that I was going to get in the pool and have a nice swim and I was going to use suntan lotion? I planned to only be in the pool for 1/2 hour so I didn't bother with the lotion. After all, I tan. I never get a sunburn. Times have changed.
I have sun poison. Not just a little sun poison but A LOT! I am miserable. I burn. I sting. I ITCH! I should mention this is on my upper body. I spend my time sitting in front of the fan. I lay wet towels on it, I have lathered with baby oil and aloe vera and nothing seems to be working. I have even resorted to a concoction of yogurt and cornstarch. I have cut up t-shirts to eliminate sleeves, necks etc. I am now digging in the DH's shirt drawer for over sized loose shirts. The necessary garment (br*) has been eliminated. Desperate measures are in order at the moment.
I finally decided to start something new to take my mind from myself (any excuse will do). I started a wool sweater.

Unfortunately the more I knitted on it the more I thought of the I Love Lucy show where she gets a serious burn and then models a wool outfit. Makes my skin crawl. So I put that wool knitting WIP aside and decided a nice crochet doily would make me happy. I am almost finished with this and then it needs blocked.
I have to wonder though, why does every crochet doily have those teeny weeny picots on the final and very lo-o-o-ong crochet round?

This morning I'm trying to enjoy the cool temps (another desperate measure with the sun poison). I glanced in the window and there was Miss Phoebe. I grabbed the camera. The only thing separating her from the little birdies is the window screen.

Mr. Bettis saw me with the camera. He jumped and carried on like a bad kid wanting his picture taken. I told him to "SIT". It took several times of me yelling the word "SIT" in order for him to actually obey. He cracks me up, I think his one eye is cross-eyed.
He received a treat because he actually sat when told. Yeah, I know it took several times to get him to sit but Mr. Bettis thinks life is a hoot!

p.s. A friend thought I should've been a bit more photogenic and post pictures of my new "designer clothing." LOL Not Happening!


KnittingMoose said...

Oh, no! How awful that must feel...hope it gets better soon! We've all done things like that, heh.

That's where our kitties spend much of their time, too.

LOVE the doily! Very nicely done. :)

bettlejuice said...

aborbine jr. the roll on kind of the product is suppose to help .
I feel for you. The dolie is very cute.

Bubblesknits said...

I love the picture of Mr. Bettis! He looks like he's laughing. :-)

Hate to hear about the sun poisoning. We got a little burned today, but it's typical for our first day on the beach. lol Make sure you're taking some Ibuprofen or something to reduce the swelling and help with the pain.

You sure you don't want to post any pictures of your new designer fashions? hehehe

Channon said...

Your crocheted lace makes me wish I could enjoy crocheting more. It is lovely. I'm sorry you're suffering, and hope you heal quickly. (Been there, done that, only I'm very fair, so it happens WITH sunscreen too.)

Love the photos of your fur kids. Mr. Bettis is darling!

Anita said...

Oh no! I've been there, done that with the sun burn.... cold showers, cool cloths, an ice cube to rub on yourself works good too as long as you don't mind getting a little wet in the process... but I didn't care at the time! I got what we call "prickly heat" one time, talk about miserable! It's a sun rash that causes itching so painful that you want to scratch your skin off!!! I feel for ya! Put that lotion on next time!!!! You know you NEVER get back inside when you plan on it. :P

Diane said...

Drink plenty of fluids and take it easy. Unfortunately no quick fixes so it'll take a little time.

Love Mr Bettis. Such a goof.

Firefly Nights said...

Hope you're well over your sunburn by now.

I started out thinking I'd like to make crocheted doilies but the hook size called for and the tiny thread just didn't seem like much fun. My glasses needed glasses to see to do the work. Therefore I appreciate all the work you put into your doily.