Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lost Treasure

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We took our stimulus check and purchased an attic fan to conserve air conditioning usage. The DH installed the fan this weekend. Caused me to cringe a bit given his history with saws. (refer to Jan 2008 post for reference if needed)
Due to fuel prices and medical issues we are not taking a vacation this year. So we decided to invest our money in the pool. Little did we realize when the pool would make its' long awaited debut that it would be a lovely shade of algae green/black. Meaning? Draining the pool. It has been drained, scrubbed and refilled. We have not had this problem in the past. Although a few years ago the pool split down the side and flooded our entire basement/rec room. This happened 2 days before our scheduled vacation to the beach in 90+ degrees with humidity. Not pretty. The insurance took 1 week to come out and assess the damage. We were told not to move a thing. All well and good if it wasn't hot and humid. The smell was horrible and the insurance company had to pay 3 times as much for the damage because they told us to wait. Ah, well. On to more important things i.e. yarn.

Just so happens that I was surfing the net la la la la. I found my mouse cursor on Blue Moon. Lo and behold look what jumped into my cart!
The pink and purple is already cast on and is for the youngest DD a pair of socks.

Next thing I knew the mouse clicked and added these 2 skeins. I'm not so sure about the Thistle on the right. Not quite my color and the picture didn't show this to be bright (monitor thing I'm sure). But I'll find a use for it.
I'm making all of my Christmas gifts this year and I have come to a great conclusion about my yarn purchases. Here goes:
Knitter buys yarn.
Wrapped yarn package arrives in mailbox (which knitter is stalking).
Knitter gleefully unwraps package and said knitter feels as if Christmas has arrived.
Knitter knits the yarn into beautiful Christmas gifts for loved ones.
Loved Ones opens gifts on Christmas Day and admires with ooohhs and ahhhhs.
Knitter smiles and feels that Christmas feeling all over again.

While trying to find a new place to hide the stash. (I'm running out of room here). I happened to spot this suitcase sitting in the corner of the living room. My living room is in country decor.
Oh goody, an unused stash holder. I grabbed it, ready to open and stash my new yarn. Look what was inside! More STR (so that's where the pink granite color was hiding), lace weight and my miniature teddy bears that I made. This is like finding lost treasure. Maybe I need to make a treasure map for my stash.


monica said...

What a pleasant find in your suitcase. I just came across some STR in my stash I had forgotten all about too. Not anywhere near as much as your surprise find , but I think I will have to cast on just the same.
All your new yarn ins lovely.

Diane said...

A treasure map sounds like a great idea. Love your new yarn.

We've got an atic fan and it really helps a lot. We turn it on at the end of the day when it starts to cool off and it sucks all the hot air right out.

Anita said...

LOL!!! I forget where I put yarn too! Good surprise you found there, like Christmas all over again! :)

Bubblesknits said...

LOL Well, I should be getting some future Christmas presents from the Loopy Ewe in a couple days. 2 skeins of Gypsy Knits hopped into my cart. ;-)

And what a neat lost treasure to find! Makes me wonder what I've got hiding around here.

Glad the DH didn't have any more tussles with the saw.

Laura Neal said...

I know how you feel about sock yarn, I have so much of it that I sent out the dreaded email to family, it said, send me your sock sizes. I have to use some of it up. It is to the point where I don't even want to buy any more yarn I have so much of it. I will never use it all in my lifetime. I must be sick to say those words...no more yarn!

Channon said...

Haha... That's funny! But what a fun surprise.

Petra said...

Awesome hiding place! I love the Christmas, then Christmas again idea. That is great... I gotta explain that to my hubby... HAHAHA!

smilely said...

Boy Oh Boy! I hope you will be able to make it on Sat., because Jul and I will have a field day with this blog. I finally made it to my computer, no not down the steps, outside and around. I bet you wished I never made it back. LOL

KnittingMoose said...

How fun to "find" all that stash! Now THAT's like Christmas! lol. Love the little bears...I have a kit for a tiny bear that looks about like that blue one sitting on the yarn. That'll be fun to make when I get to it.

Oh and what a nightmare re: the pool and basement! yuck.