Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wanted: Preferably Dead


Suspect: Mus Domesticus alias House Mouse
Height: 3 inches not including tail (this is an estimate as I certainly did get out my trusty tape measure to get an accurate measurement)
Eye: Beady presumably black (hard to tell from the atop the kitchen table)
Feet: Pink and Tiny (remember? he was washing them, so I got a good look)
Hair color: grayish brown
BE ON ALERT! This suspect is quick on his feet. He is also very brazen. There have been traps set. He steals the bait and quickly gets away. Very elusive. House cats are useless in this capture.
If anyone has seen the suspect, please report to this homeowner immediately!


Laura Neal said...

You need to head to your local feed store and get some Purina rat chow, it will kill that thing dead. Just hide it in a tuna can some place the animals can't get at it. The vermin love it but, it kills them fast!

monica said...

What a sneaky little mouse. I hope the traps work soon.