Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Do you see this "jerry-rigged" fence? Mr. Bettis slammed his 140 lb body against the fence and busted the bottom of it. Little Miss Gypsy who weighs in at 8 lbs, wiggled through the hole in the bottom of the fence and got out to inspect the neighborhood. In the meantime Mr. Bettis was worrying himself to death trying to find a way out for himself. There was no way that 140 lb oaf was going to get through the hole he busted for Gypsy.
I informed Mr. Bettis' owner (aka one hand husband)of the damage his dog has done now and this is how he fixed it. I was told it would be fixed properly in the spring. Hello? Spring is around the corner, buddy! We'll see how long it takes him to fix this fence.
This is what the two culprits were doing inside the house after their activity. Sleeping on the "dog forbidden bed" aka MY bed!
I took advantage of this situation even though they are breaking the rules. I tiptoed to the computer and visited www.theloopyewe.com

I consoled myself by falling in the Loopy Ewe Hole and purchased Dream in Color Lipstick Lava. I joined the TLE KAL on Ravelry and I'm making Mr. Greenjeans for self.
TLE Hole has a cushion landing so feel free to jump in.:)

My calori......what? I finished it! My Calorimetry. I love it. Considering I look absolutely ridiculous in a hat, this is perfect for me. Keeps my ears warm.

A BFL worsted scarf for me. All mine. I dyed this in the Elves n Gnomes colorway. The pattern is the One Row Scarf by the famous Ms. Yarn Harlot. I like this pattern because I zone out and knit. I don't have to think and occasionally after dealing with Mr. Bettis, I need to zone out. :)

I know it has been awhile since I have posted. I have been a busy knitter.