Monday, February 26, 2007

Yarn and "The Bus"

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the DH brought home Bettis aka The Bus. I took (or should I say, pushed, pulled and carried) him to the vet office for his check up and scheduled "clip and snip" as we call it. I attempted this feat with "The Bus", the yorktese and the lhasa apsa. Mind you, the DH was at work. They all checked out fine. The Yorktese is 1 yr old and weighs in at 8 lbs. The Lhasa is 2 yrs old and weighs in at 14 lbs. The Bus is 13 weeks old and weighs in at 38 1/2 lbs.! Try carrying that into a vet's office.

The vet (happily, I might add) informed me, "the Bus" has "a lot of growing to do. He has a wonderful disposition and will tip the scales when full grown at 125-150 lbs." He also informed me, that we should take him for a walk on the leash NOW so we won't be a passenger on the end of the leash when he is full grown.

I immediately called the DH to inform him of "his son's dr visit". He laughed and said, "That's my boy". Now, I must inform all of you, I AM the one you has house trained. I AM the one who feeds. I AM the one who rescues "stolen" stuff from his mouth and paws. (VERY LARGE paws I might add) I AM the one who wipes up the floor endlessly from snowy, muddy paws. (Again VERY LARGE WET paws) And the DH has the nerve to say, that's MY boy??!!

I like the dog, don't get me wrong. But when I went to the living room one morning I noticed a strand of yarn on the couch. Now that in and of itself is nothing new however the yarn was coming out of the side of the couch between the cushions. Anyone who knows me, knows that I would have yarn laying AROUND or ON the cushion not coming from the side. Upon investigation I found a wound ball of my yarn, 4 dpns and the cuff of an UF sock buried deep in the side of the couch. The yarn was chewed in half between the cuff and the yarn. The dpns were OFF the cuff. One DPN was bent in the shape of the letter L. These were (in the past tense) my favorite needles. I packaged it up in a ziplock bag and labeled it "Exhibit A" for the day. By the way, "The Bus" is not supposed to be on the furniture.

Yarn seems to be a fetish of "the Bus". This is a problem that he and I battle daily. All the while the DH says, That's my boy!

PS Have I mentioned I am constructing (er, knitting) a VERY LARGE dog house for "The Bus" and his owner (aka DH)?


Diane said...

Don't you just love how you end up taking care of everything in the house? Really hubby should have taken his boy to the vet.

Can't offer anything but sympathy for your knitting. My cats are obsessed with all things wooly so I usually wake up to wandering knitting in the livingroom.

Laura Neal said...

Can you say dead dog? I would be after that puppy's owner if he did that to my needles. Time for you to go shopping and buy a new pair of needles plus another pair just in case that dog has at them again. It sounds like that puppy loves you. He should love his owner's stuff as well. You could have a cat that sings to your yarn at 2 am and leaves drool all over it, you are right you have it far worse....sorry!

Jo said...

Tee hee! (I'm laughing with you!) I think it is the dream of every husband of a knitter to own a large voracious dog who has a propensity for yarn! I hide my knitting when I go to bed, lest I wake to my "Ass-headed Bottom" in the middle of the night, with the dogs, going "Yarn, it's yarn! Chew it! Eat it! That's it! KILL! KILL! KILL!" :)

Jan said...

I hope you can keep "the Bus" and the cats out of your STR kit! I am glad that you got yours, I'm still waiting.
My dog has a thing for getting wound up in the yarn, but fortunately we haven't had any knitting tragedies.