Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Love Lucy Socks

It's cold and snowing outside and I just finished one sock. School is cancelled and the DD and the DH are home for the day. I have announced that I plan to knit for the day. The sock yarn is STR Lucy colorway and I love 'em. "Self" wants them. They're MINE!

The 15 yr old DD "invented" this purse pattern all by herself. She wanted me to post this so you could see it for yourself. The top band has elastic and she made a fabric liner for the inside. She now has several projects on the needles. (takes after her mother....haha)
I'm off to knit where I can stay warm inside and watch the snowflakes fall.


Diane said...

Your daughter's purse is so nice. What a great pattern. And only 15 yrs old? I see many years of happy creative knitting in her future for sure.

Laura Neal said...

I am thinking your daughter needs to go into fashion design, she has a talent for it. I like your socks. Want to knit me a pair, I wear a size 8.5 and I like short cuffs! hee hee. I can't seem to knit myself socks, I knit them for everyone else! One of these days, I will knit myself another pair. sigh!

Shannan said...

Your Lucy socks are beautiful! What pattern did you use?