Monday, July 01, 2013

Knitting along

 The knitting on the Digger sweater is moving along. Since intarsia is not my favorite knitting technique it's been quite a learning experience but so far I'm pleased with the result. It still isn't my favorite technique but sometimes you gotta knit with the punches.

A few years back (when I clearly wasn't thinking) I purchased some Peace Fleece yarn. I have no idea what was going thru my wee brain when I snatched this stuff. It's scratchy, it's harsh and it's yellow. I cannot wear yellow. My olive tinted skin is not favored by wearing yellow clothing. There isn't even enough there for a sweater. Again, What was I thinking?
 Then the yellow lightbulb flickered :). I can dye it and knit it into a warm outer vest. Yes! That's it! So I dug around in my dyes and found a nice green and over-dyed a swatched. I like it. Problem solved. So the yarn is soaking in a nice bath and the dye is prepared. Let the fun begin.

p.s. Someone has a birthday today so hop on over and send some happy birthday thoughts her way ;)

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SissySees said...

Thank you, my friend. (I have some itchy blue yarn... wanna' do some colorwork on those cuffs or something?)