Monday, June 24, 2013

Long time, no post

Procrastination is my name ;). I've had every intention of writing posts and that's what got me into trouble...intention. Anyway, just to catch up here we're doing some renovation and cleaning out so I've been busy. Add in grandbaby sitting 2 days a week and it becomes even busier. I'm off for the summer and have hope (probably too high) that I'll actually get caught up on chores and knitting (that will never happen because I have a case of startitis).

 Our grandson is 18 months old and loves big construction equipment and cars. I found this sweater pattern on Ravelry and decided to bite the needle and cast on. I'm not a fan of intarsia but decided I was going to master it one way or another.
 It took knitting the entire back to figure out a few tips. The words are in fair isle (my preferred colorwork knitting) and it's unnecessary to do all that little colorwork by intarsia. There is a wonderful stitch called duplicate stitch that fills the bill or should I say stitch.

 By the end of the one front I eliminated the construction 'operator'. The child isn't going to know if there's a person on it or not.

By the end of the second front (and intarsia work) I figured out to do the main colors only, add the duplicate stitch as I see fit and be done with it. It's not perfect and I am still working in all those ends on the back but he's going to love it and that's all that matters :D.

I've been contemplating making a pair of those socks that have zippers. Think the youngest daughter would love a pair of those. Happy Knitting!


SissySees said...

I am thoroughly impressed. I'm not comfortable with any version of stranded knitting, and your work is quite lovely!

Nichole Burke said...

Welcome back! WOW - amazing work!

gypsyknits said...

Thanks Nichole :).