Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Kitteh and woolies

It's flea treatment time. As I approached each and every pet with the flea treatment tube you would've thought I was giving them poison. Mr. Bettis ran and jumped on the bed hiding his face under the pillow :/ The little dogs hid under the bed and of course the cat took to higher quarters. She knows I cannot reach her but it's ok, I can hold out much longer than she can....or so I think.

The intention this year is to knit from stash and make a dent in the craft room. As I was digging around I found this yarn purchased eons ago. It's wool and a bit harsh but would make a very warm sweater when the wind is howling, snow is blowing and the heat bill must be lowered. So I cast on for the Garter Cardi. I've made this one before for Chemgirl and loved how it turned out. Think this will be a fave of mine to wear on cold days.

Summer...well it is officially summer but you would never know that in this neck of the woods. It's wet. It's VERY wet. We have rain every single day and that yellow ball in the sky is MIA. I just checked the weather and they're calling for average temps and rain, every single day for the next 29 days. Wonder if it's a safety net for the weatherman so if it rains, he's off the hook ;).


SissySees said...

Monsoon season here too. And here comes the sun, so we can have thunderstorms this afternoon, just in case this morning's flash flood wasn't enough.

Oh yeah. Time to do the Frontline dance at our house too. Luckily, my angels simply drop their ears and pout... until I dispense the after-medication treats.

Nichole Burke said...

Ohhhh... that is going to be a NICE warm sweater for this winter!