Saturday, March 23, 2013

Snow horizon

The furnace needs to be replaced but that won't be happening for a while yet :(. In the meantime we're heating the house with one space heater and the living room fireplace. Under normal spring weather that would be sufficient but we're in a winter storm warning and expecting 6-12 inches of snow. (I need to find that groundhog)

 So we purchased a chain saw (yeah, I know...what were we thinking?) If anyone has read this blog for any length of time they would remember the saw 'incident'. But we need heat so drastic measures are needed.

Every morning it's a race to the coffee pot and shower while waiting for the fire to take off in the fireplace. The outside temperature has been below freezing every morning and the inside temperature hovers around 42F.....brrrr. 
As a knitter one would (mistakenly) believe that I have plenty of warm wool sweaters. That would be a wrong train of thought. I give away most of my knitted items with the exception of my socks. Lesson learned. It's time to knit a sweater or two for me. 
BTW: wonder where that sock yarn blanket UFO is hiding? 
Stay warm and Happy Knitting!


SissySees said...

Sending "caution" vibes to EP and warm thoughts all around!! Hopefully after this week's snowy mess we'll have REAL spring?

Bubblesknits said...

I'm right there with Chan. Lots of "caution" vibes the hubs. Has it warmed up any yet?