Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Wedding

9-10-2011 The day our eldest daughter (Vetgirl) became a Mrs. Forgive the mish-mash of pictures, blogger is not cooperative when it comes to posting pictures in an orderly fashion.

The Bride, Groom, Sister Bridesmaid and a friend goofing off in the background.

The guests were very pleased with the atmosphere and the food which was delicious. Herb chicken or pasta, salad, potatoes and steamed vegetables were the menu choices.

The flower girl.

Upon my request the bride and her ladies-in-waiting gave me a good shot of the gown backs although they look like they're in a hold-up ;)

My nephew who was also the best man baked the cake to suit the couple consisting of dog paw prints and a techo thing in the middle for the groom. It suited them well, very tasty and he received rave reviews.

Flowers and a picture were in honor of the groom's brother who is serving in the United States Navy. He's on the look-out for a video of the ceremony since he was unable to attend.

The bride with one of her favorite cousins. They were born 3 months apart and went to school together from K-12. They also played in the band drum pit for 4 yrs and have many fun memories.

We're finally caught up on our rest. I've reflected for days and some of the ceremony/reception is a blur. We had a wonderful time and we're very happy for her and our new son-in-law who will now be referred as Tech-Guy on this blog ;).

They are on their honeymoon and will be returning soon. I've heard from Vetgirl and she talked non-stop. We are anxious for them to return so we can hear more about their trip and we can't wait for the pictures.


SissySees said...

I don't know what I love more... the back of her dress (how did I miss that shot on FB?) or the cake!!

What a beautiful bride. I'm so glad it was such a lovely day!

gMarie said...

What a wonderful day! Did you make the bridal party dresses too? Love that photos. And the top of the cake - Lady & The Tramp. Love it. Many happy years to them. g