Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I'm going to begin this blog with a BANG! little Miss Chem-girl called yesterday afternoon and the first words out of her mouth were "I'm alright." Those two words are always great to hear but they are also words of warning for what's to come.
Seems there was an explosion in the Chemistry building on campus and of course she was in the building when it happened. Fire trucks, rescue and police were on the scene within minutes. A student mixed a big no-no with acid (don't ask me, I'm not a chemistry person, I know H2O and Fe. Other than that? forget it.). Thank goodness she's smart enough to make an immediate call to her dear mother because it was on the news within minutes (nevermind facebook was blowing up with info as well). Knowing she was in the building at the time of the incident would've caused great concern and had she not called I would've been in a panic. There were a few injured students and we're sending good thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Over the weekend we had an 'incident' of our own. I put my coffee cup on the sink ledge while blow drying my hair. Then I laid the running dryer in the sink while I put gel in my hair. The cup jiggled (yes, jiggled) and spilled into the sink on the running dryer. I screamed, DH ran and pulled the plug. Smoke and sparks were flying and the dryer is officially 'fried'.
I found this little pink dryer and snagged it. Some of the profit goes to fight breast cancer and since my MIL is battling breast cancer (again) I thought it very fitting.

I vow to keep the tag on the spankin' new dryer ;).
Recently it was brought to my attention that a local person made the oh-so-snark remark referring to new medical/financial developments, 'what else is wrong with this family?'
I'd like to say what my grandmother always said when others choose to 'judge'; don't worry about sweepin' someone else's porch when your own porch needs a good sweepin'. Hrmph!

In the meantime, I'm on the way to Little Miss Chem-girl's college to change her major....LOL (just kidding).


SissySees said...

LOVE that PANK hair dryer. I have no need for a new one, but I want that one just the same.

So glad Chem Girl is okay.

For the record, leaving the tag on won't ward off electrical fires. ;) Just sayin'...

gMarie said...

I love Chan's warning about keeping the label on - for what it's worth - i drink coffee while doing my hair, the tag is still on my dryer and I've never had an accident (*knock on wood*).

Glad Chem Girl is ok. Good luck with changing her major.

And honestly - what business is it of the local lady's? She needs to take care of her own. g