Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Finally! It's opening day. Not really. We opened the box a few days ago but I haven't had time to post. We're packing the new college freshman. But that's for a later post.

Chan sent the package to DD and me, so I not so patiently waited to open it with her.

First was the little treat package for Mr. Bettis & Co from the fur-girls.
It said, " For Mr. B & the fur girls at our house! Slobbery kisses
Sissy & Gretchen"
Aren't they just the sweeteset fur girls? Oh, you too, Chan :).
Mr. B & Co sends slobbery kisses right back.

Next were these wonderful tea mugs from Aladdin. We've never seen anything like them. I told the DD she had first choice in color and she chose the purple one. She drinks a lot of tea and as she put it, "this will be perfect when I'm running to class."

The lid comes off to reveal where to put the tea leaves. The lever at the bottom drops it into the hot water of the mug to be brewed. This is absolutely ingenious. We love it, Chan.

She dove into the box to find boxes and tins of flavored teas. Scrumptous teas like Blueberry, Pineapple Mango, Twinings assortment, Pink Lady Green, Golden Breakfast and many more. Every one of them drew oooohhhhhs and aaaaahhhhhhs from us as we pulled them from the package.
The theme of the gift is to have a mother/daughter tea party although we do not live close, Chan is going to us at our tea party. Feel free to grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join us.
There was a beautiful card handmade by Chan which is packed and moving with the DD. She wants to mount it on her dorm wall.

Chan, this is a very thoughtful gift and we are enjoying it immensely. Thank you so very much! HUGS:)


gaylen said...

I hope you find a minute or hundreds to enjoy a cup of tea or ten with her in the next couple of days. During my comute for my last job I would call my DD every morning. It was fabulous. You just need to find a time - that's what cell phones are for :) g

Bubblesknits said...

What awesome tea mugs!!! Must go look for those online. :-) Glad y'all got to open your box together.

Laura Neal said...

Sounds like fun. I see the Pink Lady tea, I have been wanting to sample that one from Republic of Tea. I love their Mango Ceylon Decaf and the pink lemonade green tea! Over ice both can't be beat!

Grace said...

wonderful gift from a wonderful friend!!!

Channon said...

Dang!! They must have played street hockey with that box at UPS, no? Good thing the only item I was REALLY worried about was the little lever on the mugs...

Great photos of how the mug works. I found yours at Target, but they're also available online.

I'm so touched that DD is taking that card to school!! (It's the only way I'll be in a dorm room again.)

Nichole said...

What a great box!!! I got Chan one of those mugs a couple months back and am very flattered to see that not only must she have liked it, but enough to go get some for you!!! YEAH... I guess it was a great find! :)

Anita said...

Great package! I've been dying to know what was in there. :)