Monday, August 31, 2009

Moving Day

Some of you have asked how moving day went so I'll give a re-cap.
Last week commerated the "baby's" moving day. The deck was loaded with all of her stuff. We had to downsize because there was no way we could get everything in the car. It gave me a laugh to see her father's face when he looked at the car trunk and then the boxes/containers on the deck.
A few facts about that day:
We moved her on the hottest day of the year. There is NO air conditioning in her dorm.
She is on the TOP floor.
Keep in mind that simple little scientific fact that heat rises. We unloaded everything then stood in the sun (guarding the stuff) for 1 hour. Then we stood in line at the elevator for 20 minute intervals not once but three times. She is in a triple room. Try to imagine a 15 x 15 room with 3 students and 6 parents.
On the top floor.
Humidity and 96 degree temps.
With NO air. Whew! We were wringing wet. We had a fan but it did nothing to help the heat.

Sometime in the late afternoon we took her off campus to pick up her books. More time spent in long lines. Time didn't allow a sit down dinner so we did a drive-thru. We took her back to the dorm and she turned on her computer only to discover another book was added to the list while we were out. So we had to go back out. Another hour spent.
Needless to say, it was evening before we finally we able to say good-bye. I held up well for weeks for her benefit. Unfortunately I, nor she, fared well on the good-byes.
Poor hubby had to listen to my sobs the ENTIRE 3 hour (yes, we hit heavy traffic)ride home. It is better now and we talk several times a day. Thank goodness for a computer messenger site and cell phones. Technology makes it so much easier these days.

She has pics of her friends, grandparents and of course her parents covering her wall.

Her father and I have decided to reclaim the house from WAY TOO many years of housing kids' belongings.
We have handmade placards that say, "Everything Must GO!" LOL

It feels like fall here and I'm loving every moment of it. I'm a homebody (sometimes by choice, sometimes by necessity)and there's nothing like pumpkin bread in the oven and a stew in the crockpot on a beautiful fall day. LOVE IT!


Grace said...

ahh memories of those days, by senior year, they fit everything they need in their own little cars and you don't have to make the trip any longer. Both my girls were freshman in top floor dorms and they wonder why so many newbies drop out?

I give you mad applause for being able to do it, I barely made it today through the drug store,, the dry cleaner and the post office, dinner what dinner? I either go back out later or its up to Tom but I couldn't do anymore and then walk from the parking lot into the house with bags!

Its still hot here, I hope we get fall soon!

Channon said...

Love the leaves in the background on your blog. I'm glad she's settling in.

I have on jeans and close-toed shoes. I hope fall is here, because summer was a rather non-event and I'm over it.

I'm decluttering. Or at least, I'm talking about doing it...

Laura Neal said...

96 isn't bad, that is mild for down here, it has been worse much worse, lately. We were excited when we heard the high was 92 today. It is finally cooling down some! Yay!
I just wish I could use the pool but, then no one else can use it. I would have to do a complete shock of it and hope that kills what I am dealing with.
She will be fine. I know she is going to love college.

Anita said...

Sounds like one heck of a day! Tell her she's lucky, we had 12 women in about a 20x20 area on the ship I lived on in the CG! SNOL
And we all had to share one bath room! :)

Bubblesknits said... air? That's painful. Give her my best the next time you talk to her. Lots of hugs for you, too. :)