Friday, August 28, 2009

A Big Surprise!

A surprise package arrived at my house. It was absolute perfect timing. It arrived the day before we took the "baby"for the college moving day.

It is the Candlelight Shawl and it's from my non-blogging friend, Sara. I was so shocked and surprised that a few tears came. There was the cutest card enclosed in the package that made me laugh through the tears.
The college freshman took pictures and lightly fingered the exquisite knitting. I love the color and I love the style. It is beautiful. Thank you yarn bunches, Sara. I will think of you when I wear this beautiful knit.

This is the view from the back. Hides the thick back brace:). Love it! Thanks again non-blogging friend, Sara:)
Thanks to everyone for everything. The virtual hugs, the thoughts, prayers and gifts. This has been a difficult time and you have been so understanding and thoughtful.
Thanks to all of you, my blogging friends, for your compassionate thoughts and emails.

I'm going to make my life a bit lighter and easier so onto the unknitting.
Going into hibernation is this blanket. I'm bored with this project and my blanket knitting mojo has taken a hike for the time being.

Jumping in the frog pond is this project. A sweater. B-o-r-i-n-g! Rip-pit!

Another project that's going swimming in the frog pond is another sweater. Got bored with this one too. Rip-pit!

Now I have free needles and yarn. mmmmmm........might be time to cast on for another pair of socks. I should make the new college freshman a pair. She's going to need them.


Channon said...

One in hiberation, two in the frog pond? That's at least three new projects, multiplied by the feel-good factor... I figure you can cast on at least ten new projects!

And WHAT a beautiful shawl!!

Anita said...

The shawl is gorgeous!

Oooooh, free needles! Socks for the Freshman sounds like a great idea. :)

More hugs!!!!

Sara said...

You are most welcome :) hoops and yoyo make me laugh everytime. And it looks great on you!

much love and hugs!

Grace said...

beautiful shawl, i adore the color

I finished one of my zzzz projects last night but Tom's blocking better do it wonders because I am very unhappy with it

started a doctor who scarf for him using the fibonacci sequence up to 55 rows then going backwards back to one and repeat.

Today I may start the Every way wrap from Interweave or something else that catches my eye

Bubblesknits said...

Ooooh...gorgeous shawl! That's a very sweet friend you have there. :-)

Laura Neal said...

The shawl is so beautiful and stunning! Gorgeous red. I can tell you that socks will save your life. They have gotten me through some difficult times in my life, not to mention dealing with my foot. Kinda weird and funny that I started knitting on my sock whilst fighting to save my foot. I will persevere, thank you for the warm wishes and prayers, I think they are working!