Friday, January 18, 2008


From my "knitting research" Startitis is a dangerous knitting disease. A knitter starts many projects only to find them at a later date hidden from view as UFO's. I understand (ahem.....I can only go by my research :)that this disease of newly started projects results in:

1. Needles that said afflicted knitter thought were lost and henceforth said afflicted knitter purchases more needles.

2. Knitter has no idea as to what was started as there are only a few rows on the needles and said afflicted knitter did not put the pattern with project (one of those things where said afflicted knitter thought she was smart enough to remember what was started in the first place). Like that is going to happen, given that said afflicted knitter has been known to start many projects at a time and has no idea what was cast on in the first place.

3. This disease results in frogging hibernating projects aka UFO's only to once again....(and this is where I truly believe that once a knitter has had startitis, it is incurable) start new projects. After all, said afflicted knitter now has an abundance of needles and yarn from the first bout of startitis.

Startitis is attributed to many factors.

Stress, can come from a one-armed husband (read previous posts if you haven't caught up on the news around here) who is feeling better by the way and is in physical therapy. He is casted until Feb. When one armed husband finds it necessary to inform afflicted knitter of missed dust bunnies, one armed husband receives the job of sweeping. Thus giving the afflicted knitter time to start a new project and help the one armed husband with physical therapy :)

Boredom is just that, boredom. Whether said afflicted knitter is bored with a current project (and there could be many depending on materials and time for afflicted knitter) or just bored in general, said afflicted knitter starts a new project.

Ravelry and surfing the net also attributes to startitis. I would like to think that fellow afflicted knitters have no idea that they too, enable other knitters. (okay Sara, now you know)

Yarn manufacturers are the biggest enablers. I mean really, how dare they continue to produce soft wool/alpaca/angora/ cashmere in beautiful colors to tempt knitters. They truly are enablers of startitis.

All that said and done, I admit I suffer from startitis. Although every once in a while I finish something like my froggin' green gloves. And not a moment too soon. We received 5 inches of snow and ice yesterday.

By the way, these are reversible right and left gloves. I took the pictures outside and it was cold so I just threw them down in the snow/ice and clicked the camera.


monica said...

I too am an afflicted knitter. There I have admitted it once again. They say that is the first stoep admitting you have a problem.

The gloves look great.

KnittingMoose said...

I have a bad case of it right now too! And I agree with your point about other bloggers/ravelry/general surfing of the 'net as being the main enabler...yup. That's certainly where my biggest downfall lies! Especially if, with just a few clicks of the mouse, that very same yarn and/or pattern is on its way to you!

I also get sort of attached to things and don't always frog languishing projects when I should, but a couple of my things will be seeing the frog pond soon though.

The gloves look great! And I like the look of that cabley thing in the Patons SWS...what was that going to be?

Sara said...

Okay...wait...I enable you OR you enable me? Or do we enable each other?
You're a pusher and an enabler!! Snowmes.....that's all I gotta say :)

Laura Neal said...

Very nice gloves. I have no time to have the knitting disease right now. I just have a sock that needs the knitting fairy to come down and zap it into shape and do it for me. Oh where are you knitting fairy? Probably hanging out with the tooth fairy and that damn gremlin of mine.

linda said...

Found myself 'surfing' this evening and came across your blog for today. I was SHOCKED to see my socks on your page! I have a finished pair of Cabled Socks in this SWS Geranium! They are soooo lovely.

Anita said...

That is just too funny!! And soooo true!! I'm gonna post a link on my blog, my other knitting buddies are gonna love this! :)

Rachael said...

Too right my dear! Raverly can be blamed for 75% of startisits cases!
The gloves look great, I've got my first pair of mittens on my todo list this year!