Thursday, September 12, 2013

De-stash and enhance

Knitting from stash has allowed my knitting to reach a creative peak. Love how this little sweater turned out. A bit fiddly crocheting the caterpillar but it was worth it.

 This little sweater pattern is worth the purchase. Directions are simple and a great stash buster. Only took 2 days to knit it, now to find special buttons. I've cast on for another one in a girly colorway and hope to line it with a nice flannel to make a heavier jacket.
 Someone 'dropped the other shoe' and I refuse to pick it up so I 'donned a new pair of shoes' and did some therapeutic shopping...stocking the paper stash. I will be making a recipe cookbook for someone special and I can't wait to scrap.
What are you de-stashing or enhancing these days?


SissySees said...

OMG! Those sweaters are both absolutely adorable. What a lucky little (or two?).

Ann said...

I'm always buying paper! I just need to organize what I have!!