Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apple Pickin' Time

We are the proud owners of a very large apple tree in our backyard. In the past this tree produced apples that only the raccoon, bear and squirrels found to be tasty (as well as the yellow jacket swarms). This year is different. It produced the best eating and cooking apples ever! I'm assuming the horrible rainy/hot/cold summer had a big influence on this fruit bearing tree. 
The DH decided to climb the extension ladder (eyeroll here) to get the biggest and best apples which are always at the top of the tree. I was in charge of holding the ladder (insert another eyeroll). His twisting around to grab the best apples resulted in the ladder twisting which only caused me to scream and shout for him to GET DOWN! Did he listen? Why of course not. Kinda reminds me when I tell his dog to GET DOWN off the furniture and does Mr. Bettis listen? Why of course not.
Like owner, like dog or however that saying goes....
After picking a bushel of apples I went right to work baking apple pie, dumplings, applesauce and freezing. YUM!

 Dug around in my grandmother's antique button box and found 10 different buttons for this knit. Love this sweater. Nice fit and look just in time for Apple Pickin'.


SissySees said...

Beautiful pie, beautiful cardi - happy fall!

GeekMamaKnits said...

I'm so jealous! Our apple tree is the same as your was. Only the squirrels seems to like the taste of them. lol T claims it takes several years for them to mature and he thinks that ours is still too young.