Sunday, June 12, 2011

Squeals of Delight

The girls placed an order for clothing. They stalked the tracking order page for days and when it said it would be delivered by the end of the day I thought they were going to go look for the UPS driver.
They had a deal that both must be present to open it. There were screeches and much excitement (you would've thought it was Christmas) when the UPS driver dropped off the package.

These two crack me up.

Mr. Bettis truly believes he's the size and weight of Miss Gypsy. Excuse me? The big oaf weighs in at 140 which is a far cry from 8 lbs. Regardless he climbs on the couch and proceeds to make every attempt to sit on a human's lap. Only his head and one paw fit. Silly dog.

I am a firm believe that a dog has an agenda in their every action. As in, Miss Gypsy's cuteness gets a t-r-e-a-t every time. Yes we must spell it.

Mr. Bettis has an uncanny knack 'kicking' one out of their seat so he can have it. He also paces the floor and whines every single morning until someone, anyone drags his huge bed to the living room.
Mr. Bettis has the personality of a 6 yr old little boy with ADHD if that gives you any clue to his personality. He knows all of two tricks now: SIT and give me a kiss. The girls taught him the last trick. Not too certain how many people are going to ask for a big ole tongue kiss from this oaf but he finally knows another trick.

p.s. By the way, I do not count chewing the cat's food dish to smithereens a trick.


SissySees said...

We have a saying here - well, Gretchen does anyway - Cute trumps everything. ;)

And what did the girls get, huh, huh?!

Bubblesknits said...

Yeah...where did they order clothes from?! We need modeled shots! ; )

And I would most definitely take a kiss from Mr. Bettis. I bet he would be most gentlemanly. /grin/

Nichole said...

Stalking the UPS man should be an olympic sport!

gMarie said...

It is if he does it on command. And I'd ask the oaf for a kiss - isn't it funny how the bigger the dog the better they think they fit on your lap?

And yea - what was in the box already?!! g