Monday, March 07, 2011

Hey everyone! I am Kathy’s youngest DD, Savannah. As you may know, I am a college student. As springtime rolls in, we here at UMD really kick into charity functions. This year, I am again participating in TerpThon (March 12) and Relay for Life (April 2).

Terp Thon is an organization focused on raising money for the Children’s National Medical Center in DC. It is an event at which we pledge to remain on our feet for 12 hours, like nurses do every day at the hospitals. All donations go directly to the kids and doctors. Last year was UMD’s first Dance Marathon. We raised $56,000, making us the most successful first year dance marathon ever! Our goal this year is $100,000, and we are sooo close!! Check out to learn more about the event or to see some touching videos of the miracle kids we are trying to help. I am mostly interested in spreading awareness about this organization. But I would also love for my school to reach it's goal and really help these kids out. If you are interested in donating, my fundraising page is . I know that times are tough, but even $1 donations can add up and go a long way in saving kids’ lives. I would be so happy if you could just help me spread the word about this amazing organization! As always, we are doing this all “For The Kids!”

Relay for Life is an overnight event dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society. Unfortunately, we live in a world where nearly every one of us knows of someone who has had cancer. In my opinion, this is simply unacceptable. Our goal with Relay for Life is to create a world where cancer can’t claim another year of anyone’s life. To learn more about the event, check out . Again, I am happiest just spreading the word. But if you interested in donating, my fundraising page is . Let’s create a world with more birthdays.

We absolutely have the power to change the world. All we need is for individuals to come together for a good cause. Simply put, that is the goal of these two events. TerpThon and Relay for Life are just two of the numerous amazing causes out there right now. We have the power to save and change so many lives. I understand that not everyone can donate. But everyone can spread the word. Think about it. What if every person who reads this blog told three friends about these causes. Then those three told three others and so on. This is the concept of paying it forward. Imagine how the state of the world could improve if this caught on. I am just one individual trying to make this world a better place. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Because in simply reading this post, you have already helped tremendously.


Peace. Love. Happiness.


Channon said...

Big hugs to you!! Thanks for the guest blog and for changing the world. Relay for Life is something I used to really enjoy doing when I was a paid firefighter, so either you or your mom remind me to donate closer to the end of the month, please? (I mean it!!!)

gypsyknits said...

Absolutely! I figured I'd post a reminder since Relay's about another month away. Thank you so much Chan! I truly appreciate it. =)


Nichole said...

Very cool - kudos to you for doing this!

Bubblesknits said...

Off to donate to both. Hugs and Love to you for doing this!

Smoer said...

Thanks so much Jessi! That is very much appreciated!! =)