Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Absent once again

I've been absent once again but that's not to say I haven't been busy unlike Mr. Bettis who is snoozing away.

Knitting from stash is my goal this year so a Rambling Rows afghan was cast on. Not a pretty thing but it will be a warm afghan for next winter. I've already hit the stash for another one as soon as this one is finished.

Another mini Annis was cast on in the Patons FX sock yarn and finished in 2 days. I can't rave enough about this pattern.

A baby blanket has been cast on. It's a gift and there's a deadline as in 2 weeks and it must hit the mailbox. So far, so good and I think it will be in the PO hands shortly.
What's on your needles?


Channon said...

Knit on! I think the rambling rows is pretty.

You know what I'm knitting.

Right now, I'm getting pounded by one heck of a rain, but there's no thunder or lightning, so we'll take it.

Grace said...

I still need to do an Annis, and I adore RR, i have made 4 or more of them already, another great stashbuster is the center squares of parcheesi, I got bored before I did the strips!!! I am knitting shawls a-z and monsters

my word verification is annis, is that weird or what

Laura said...

I am knitting a hat and a test knit of a new pattern I wrote. Always fun. I am using stash yarn as well.

Nichole said...

Love that shot of Mr. B!

Bubblesknits said...

Look at Mr. Bettis looking so sweet. : ) Granted, he is asleep. lol

Love that Annis scarf. I'm sad that I had to put up the one you knit me until next fall/winter. /pout/

Sus said...

I have yarn for an annis to cast on as soon as I finish a couple of projects and write them up... So, not that soon after all! lol! I love the Rambling Rows, too. I really appreciate a big stashbusting color fiesta of an afghan! :)