Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let the Party Begin

My birthday hasn't arrived yet however that hasn't stopped friends and family from sending packages and cards :D. Unlike me who's still playing catch-up with the Post Office.

I'll begin with Chan's package that arrived today. Mr. Bettis was sniffing the box before I had it opened. How did he know there was something for him?

Sure enough there was something, scrumptous cookies just for the gang. They were begging and if I could've juggled the camera and the treats there would've been pics.

I gave them the treats so I could open the rest of the package in peace (just like kids you know). A beautiful...correction...drop-dead gorgeous skein of Creatively Dyed yarn named for my hometown. Red, purple, blue and of course PANK, how perfect is that? This is begging to be cast on and I'm concerned I won't allow it time to ferment with the rest of the stash...LOL

A bag of Lindnor Truffles Halloween treats was included although Mr. Bettis thought they also belonged to him. See his nose? I had a tough time getting him away from the candy so I could take the picture.
Lindnor Truffles are my favorite candy ever!!

About the card; I was on the phone with my mother (a Basset Hound care-taker) and when I opened the card I laughed so hard I was crying.

This is so perfect from Chan, the Knight and the Girls. Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts. Sending pooch hugs and kisses (and my own hugs) to You and the Crew.

More to come tomorrow.


Bubblesknits said...

Oooh! Awesome goodies! Isn't that card the best?! I couldn't bear to tuck it away, so I actually have it pinned to the wall in my craft room. It makes me grin every time I look at it. =)

I've finally got everyone's packages together. I'm hoping to mail everything out on Monday after Mr. Strep leaves.

Channon said...

I love that yarn. If I hadn't spent so much on lace for me... Wait! Dianne has a website... ;)

So glad everyone enjoyed their treats, except for your cats, who never get treats from me. Maybe Christmas?

gMarie said...

Lovely package and that yarn is stunning! enjoy. g

Anita said...

Nice goodies! And don't feel bad, I'm running late on all the birthdays this year too... oh well.

I do hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!! Hugs to you!!

Nichole said...

What a great package! I've just picked up a box FULL of mail that I can't wait to get outta the office and go home to open!