Saturday, October 16, 2010


It's a beautiful fall day today and I had every intention on enjoying it. However Mr. Murphy (as in Murphy's Law) had another idea.

DH threw a load in the washer, left only to return to the clothes soaking wet. What?? So he tried the spin cycle again. Nothing. Next thing I knew there was smoke. "Houston? We have a problem. Shut down."

So here it is, a wet load of laundry and I'm debating on wringing it by hand as my ancestors did or slamming the lid and saying the heck with it all. I'm opting for the LOUD SLAM! hrmph!

Not to say too much here but due to the last 2 yrs of a dying economy the money pig residing at this house starved to death so there's no crystal ball sighting of a new washer. Add in the ongoing medical saga...*sigh* and Life just continues to spiral downward.

A definite bright spot is a 'kid' who remembers my birthday, snags a card from the card drawer before she leaves for college and sends it well in advance of the actual birthday.

The college DD wrote a beautiful message and included a 'coupon' for a homemade meal and handmade ring markers when she gets home. I can't wait :D. Thank you DD, love ya!


Laura Neal said...

Can you say High Efficiency washer? I love mine. My old washer did the same thing but, decided to decorate Gary's work clothes with grease before it died. So, he tells me to find a washer...I did. I love my whirlpool cabrio. That is the nicest machine I ever. :)

Anita said...

UGH! It's always something isn't it? Just when you think you might actually get caught up.... sheesh.

And I enjoyed going to the laundry matt when I used to have to, it was quiet time for reading & such. :)

Channon said...

Oh yeah. I need to do laundry today. Thanks for the reminder. We're waiting for our dryer to give up the ghost.

Have a VERY happy birthday!