Sunday, May 09, 2010

Dear Mother Spring

This post will defer from the usual Mother's Day wishes. Although I do hope my Mom and all the wonderful mothers out there have a Happy Mother's Day.
I'm composing a letter to Mother Spring.

Dear Mother Spring,

I am referring to you in the female gender because you appear to have many mood swings (not that I can personally relate to that in any way ;).

One day you're hot and humid, another day cool and comfy and then the next thing I know there's a freeze warning.
May I just say it would benefit all if you would find your comfort zone. It's a bit tiring to change my wardrobe from capris and a T-shirt to a thermal lined sweatsuit on a moment's notice. Please keep in mind my internal thermostat flucuates also.

You cry buckets of tears only to result in massive amounts of mud (please take note Mr. Bettis resides here and he has very LARGE feet). Perhaps you could use those cumulus clouds as your own box of Puffs. (yes, I did learn something in Earth Science class way back when).

You arrived a bit early this year in all your beautiful finery. While we admire your beauty you have spent wa-a-ay too much time getting dressed for the season. Therefore causing one to sneeze unmercifully (please pass the Puffs).

I apologize if it appears that I'm rushing you through your long awaited debut and trust me, I'm not looking forward to Summer (she has too much heat and humidity for my comfort)
but the date is May 9th and there's a freeze warning in our area. I've turned up the heat and put on the wool socks. I certainly don't mean to sound harsh but this is a wee bit ridiculous.
Please please find your comfort zone and give way to Summer. *sigh* She must arrive in spite of it all. Besides, I'm running out of Puffs and my wool socks are wearing out.

A sneezing, sniffling, cold blogger who's wrapped in a wool blanket today


Channon said...

Even the Knight shook of slumber long enough to fuss about how cold it is. Gretchen isn't leaving my lap. Sissy is pressed up against me too, and I'm still chilly.

Oh yeah - and the fur-girls finally required allergy pills. Bring on summer.

Bubblesknits said...


Catherine said...

LOL That is hilarious.

Grace said...

I too am wrapped in velour and searching for the slippers I recently put away, Off for a pot of tea and some knitting time now that the mandatory celebrating is over (why do I feel so cranky?)