Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A ramble of sorts

The college DD was home for the weekend. Hubby picked her up. The trip was a 7 1/2 hour trip to and from due to the city traffic. I won't mention any more about traffic except to say I don't like traveling city traffic. Period.
The homecoming game commenced and our team won!! YAY!! Playoffs are next and if they win those then they're statebound.
While she was here she gave this book to me as a belated birthday gift. She saved her pennies (she's a poor college student, you know:) and found this book at a bargain in the campus book store. She knows I enjoy Christmas books. Cost never matters to me. My most precious gifts are the ones that have been so carefully thought out.
As if I don't have enough knitting to finish before the holidays I wound this skein of Araucania worsted to make a pair of pop-up paws for a gift. It is a blend of wool and alpaca and is so very soft.
All is quiet here for the time being. I have to wonder if this is the calm before a storm of some sort. The holidays are fast approaching and we're getting ready in this household:).


Channon said...

Pop up paws? Anything with "paws" in the name gets my attention...

And it really is the THOUGHT that counts!

Bubblesknits said...

A couple of things that my kids have given me that matter more than anything: The boy made me a sheep at a Build A Bear birthday party, instead of making something for himself. He surprised me with it at the end and I just stood there and sobbed. Then, the girl came home from school and presented me with a plastic, purple ring that she'd gotten out of treasure chest. She could have gotten something for herself, but she knew my favorite color is purple, so she picked the ring.

We have some good kids, don't we? Now pass the tissues. lol

Anita said...

Sweet, let me know how you like that book...

Just what is Pop Up Paws?