Friday, October 09, 2009

So where's his attorney now?

He did it again! This dog NEVER quits.
He taught himself to head butt (I never said this dog was bright, did I?) the storm door in order to let himself outside at any given time. He did this a zillion times a day. After all, there are squirrels, a possum, a raccoon and occasionally a bear to bark at. There's also the neighborhood dogs, kids and occasionally a butterfly that needs his immediate attention. The list goes on and on.
We debated on installing a doggy door but then the inside cat would want out. Headbutts took their toll and the handle broke. It fell off the door yesterday morning. Which meant he only had to nudge the door to get out and of course the door wouldn't close. So Miss Aurora took every opportunity to follow him Every. Single. Time. He did this stunt. It was a very lo-o-o-ong day with Mr. Bettis yesterday.

Mr. Bettis's owner was told to stop at the local hardware store on the way home to purchase another door handle.

Last evening at 8:30 pm a new door handle was installed. He'd better not bust this anytime soon. I've caught him headbutting the door but the new latch is working and he cannot get outside on a whim.
I'm sure I'll be hearing from Mr. Bettis's attorney shortly.
p.s.The college daughter is on her way home for a visit. I haven't seen her in over a month and I'm baking up a storm. YAY!!!!!!!


Nichole said...

I'm sorry, but I just have to LOL... I think you take to take video of the said head butting for us!!! :)

What if you got a door with a handle that he could "nudge" with his paw (NOT head!) to open??

Bubblesknits said...

::snicker:: Ahem...Mr. Bettis would like to point out that he is merely attempting to do his duty as "guard dog" and protect the premises from dangerous predators. Unfortunately, said duties could not be performed within the confines of the home, so he resorted to other means.

Have I mentioned lately that I love that dog? :-)

Grace said...

Also I heard Mr bettis muttering about the more often he is outside the less trouble he gets into inside. Since his every move is monitored and he is totally innocent!'

Now I know you read my blog but I am not on your list!

The farm Market yarn came and I love it, I mean love it!!!!! And now I finally know who I got my other teapot coaster from I love the coaster and could never remember who sent it. It was you!! Now I have too

Anita said...


Sorry, couldn't help it. :)
Hmmm, I'm thinking that he was being pretty smart with the headbutting... I mean, he did figure out how to let himself out so you didn't have to get up to do it every time. he he

How could anyone not love Mr. B? He's so entertaining.

Channon said...

Giggle... Sissy tries new tactics all the time. The current one we're both embracing is a little scratching on the steps into the hot tub, which happen to be just on the other side of the window behind the sofa where I sit.

Enjoy your visit with your DD!!!!

Laura Neal said...

AAH, look at that contrite face on that big sweetie! I can imagine you were ready to do him in.

Look at it this way, the new latch should work better for you and it will thwart him some. :)

Freezing my booty off down here outside at a craft fair, froze yesterday and not looking forward to it today!