Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another lo-o-ong day

Another lo-o-ong day has begun in the neighborhood. And it began at 6 am this morning.
The equipment moving in all its' 'beeping' glory. One would think Mr. Bettis would be accustomed to it by now but no, he isn't and so the barking commences.
They accidentally cut the main line last week and we were without water for hours. The construction crew was concerned that Mr. Bettis had water. Say what??? how about Mr. Bettis's caretaker who didn't have water for coffee or tea? I need something to keep my sanity.

Mr. Bettis keeping watch on the activity. Doesn't help matters when the crew has dubbed him their mascot and whistle at him calling him, Big boy etc.
His owner is not a happy camper because he's at work and can't 'play' with the boys (as chanknits pointed out).
*sigh* we only have 2 months and 15 days to tolerate Mr. B and his incessant barking unless of course it rains/snows and backs up the process. But...hey! Mr. Bettis will have water.

The sky was beautiful at 6:30 am so I snapped a picture.
Yeah I know, 'Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning.'
It's supposed to get to a balmy 60F today. Where's winter?

p.s. Someone wanna 'splain why the construction crew MUST walk thru the front yard, inches from the window? It only causes Mr. B to run back and forth from the window to the door trying to decide which area to monitor (barking of course). And lest we not forget the 'chirper' Molly who monitors from the back of the couch :/.


SissySees said...

Beautiful sunrise. I truly am sorry Mr B's mascot status is a source of annoyance, but look at it this way... At least they aren't lodging complaints about the big, barking oaf?

Laura Neal said...

I know you are completely annoyed and then they go and make him their mascot. How funny!

I still think he is cute!

gMarie said...

Lovely sunrise. He is awfully cute and don't we get big barky dog to warn us of trouble? And aren't 'strangers' in the yard a danger you need to be warned about?

Beau thinks I need to be warned every single time the neighbor girls walk down the street to go to school. g

Bubblesknits said...

Micro does the same thing (at the wind, the bug guy, squirrels, *anything that moves*), so I feel your pain.

gMarie said...

Can we have a new post? It's been a lo-o-ong month now! g