Tuesday, November 15, 2011

He's at it again...

See these two??? Well they're not as innocent as they appear. And yes I reluctantly admit that I believe Little Miss Gypsy Jo was in on the sequin party. (she does like glam)
Life has been busy and hectic and apparently Mr. Bettis decided it wasn't busy or hectic enough so he created some drama.
We were gone for an hour and this is what greeted us.

First up a container of itty bitty sequins was completely destroyed. That is not the original container. I only found bits and pieces of the original and can only presume the rest of the container was eaten. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to pick up itty bitty sequins?

This is the lid to the container or should I say what's left of the lid.

My wedding corsage that was sitting on the antique dresser in our living room and there's only ONE dog who could reach it....yep! Mr. Bettis.
What puzzles me is this has been displayed on the dresser since Sept 12, 2011 and he chose now to destroy it? I just don't get it.
Of course his owner was a wee bit disgruntled but chose to overlook it. After all Mr. Bettis doesn't destroy one thing that belongs to the owner.
Thankfully we arrived home in what I believe was the nick of time because I found one of my bedroom slippers (that was in the bedroom) wet with slobber so I have a suspicion my slippers were about to be destroyed.
By the way: I'm still finding sequins. Maybe I should just ignore them and say they're part of our Christmas decorations.


SissySees said...

The sequins were pretty!! ;) I'm sorry about your flowers... they were pretty too. Wouldn't you like to know what they were thinking??

Nichole said...

Oopsie! The Lapdogs still think you should enter our Planet Dog giveaway for them anyway... ha ha!

gMarie said...

I was sure I commented on this. Hmmm. You know the dried flowers would have collected dust and made you sneeze. g

Laura Neal said...

Don't you know that Mom's stuff is always the target. Same over here, his stuff never gets eaten or chewed up. My Ody chewed up one of every single new shoe I had bought for a state conference...I had to go buy more shoes. Ticked me off. I invested in rawhides and I always give them each one before I leave the house, otherwise, I wouldn't have a house to come home to.

Bubblesknits said...

Well, at least Mr. Bettis had some...ahem...colorful bowel movements for a couple of days. ;)